AIR MAX 270 dark blue colorful looks good? Nike Air Max 270 Midnight Navy Offers

After connecting the new color of the AIR MAX 270, a new deep blue color AIR MAX 270 has joined this family, and it has to be said that Air Max 270 must be one of Nike this year\’s main shoes, and Still want a shoe, the shoes, the following shoes and friends will go with interesting network Xiaobian to see how this Air Max 270 dark blue color matching.

Air MAX 270 dark blue color color is good

Unlike other 270 series, this Air Max 270 upper and thick atmosphere is a color, while other Air Max 270 They are all patchwork.

This pair of \\\”Midnight Navy\\\” coloring AIR MAX 270 uses a breathable mesh to prepare upper mover streamline design, injecting 270 degrees visible air cushion, combining the 190s Air Max style With the revolutionary AIR cushioning technology, match the dual-density foam, bringing the best comfort to the user.

In particular, this piece of patchwork is perfectly combined with the air cushion and foam, and has to admire the hook.

AIR MAX 270 deep blue color release information

At present, this shoe is priced at $ 150, will be officially launched on February 1, like other shoes, like The small partner remembers paying attention to it and our Q6U.

AIR MAX 270 series

As early as the October, the investor in Portland

K 11 Nike Shoes

will be unveiled The mysterious veil of the AIR MAX family\’s new member Air Max 270, which uses mesh material to create a shoe body, and then the 270-degree transparent air cushion is the focus.

Its air cushion design is different from the full-palm cushion like Vapormax. This visible rear immersive pad is slowly inflated, that is, the original image

Nike Revolution 5 Women\’s Running Shoes

The balloon is in some way

Nike Elite Backpack

points expansion until sufficient gas becomes a huge air cushion. I feel very interesting. The shoe body is designed to maintain a consistent vintage adjustment, and the laser cutting large pore mesh is wrapped in the body.

The first exposed Air Max 270 overall color scheme is based on black-yellow dress, supplemented with a striking orange dotted detail, and there is \\\”AIR2\\\”70 \\\”The words indicate the identity, the biggest highlight is followed by the over-area AIR Max air cushion, and creates a strong visual impact.

Air Max 270 Blue White Flyknit Spider Air Max 270 New Flyknit Items

Most Nike Shoes should already know that AIR MAX 270, which launched and vigorously promoted Nike in 2018, will be released on February 1, recently, online exposure has exposed a new version of Air Max 270, use Flyknit User Air Max 270, do you like it? Let\’s take a look at this Air Max 270 Blue White Flyknit version spy photos.

AIR MAX 270 Blue White Flyknit Spider

Blue-white color of blue white color of the technology using Flyknit, not only technical differences, even Swoosh has changed, including next to \\\” Jiv \\\”Size, the eyes of the shoes are found out?

Take the style of the 190s Air Max style and revolutionary AIR cocktick technology to show the first Air

Nike Shoes X designed for all-day comfort. Off White

MAX, has a 270-degree visible air cushion, reforms the breathable mesh woven upper to a gas permeability and comfortable Flyknit upper, with a double-density foam in front, believes in comfort and Trend sense

Nike Shoes Zoom Air

further enhanced.

AIR MAX 270 Blue White Flyknit Offering Information

There is currently no Nike Air Max 270Flyknit version of sale, interested friends, please continue to pay attention to our Q6U latest news.

Flyknit is technology

Flyknit is a revolutionary technology that is about running. Drawing on athletes, this pioneering technology makes running shoes like socks, and more bonded to feet, so that the players will not feel the weight on the foot after running. Its patented technology is based on Nike\’s series of accurate foot type angiographic data and years of testing. From the perspective of the engineering structure, improve the support of the foot pressure, and improve the air having a high breathable demand Passing rate.

Flyknit uses the shoe to reduce raw material loss, which meets Nike Bet

Nike for Women

Ter World\’s environmental protection concept, two games. No suture is used, reducing the friction zone, reflecting the high of tall technology.

Flyknit is a root line, which is not a line. Nike also explicitly said that the line of Flyknit is a polyester yarn. The so-called polyester yarn is a linear material made of polyester. PolyesterThe advantage is obvious, the elasticity is good, very wear, and it is also very intensity.Disadvantages are poor breathable.On sneakers, if the upper is elastic, it is resistant, it is also very strong, this is a good material, the sneakers are most afraid of breathable, how to break?OK – make a corcomer!The interleaving of the line and the line naturally forms a breathable hole.

Ou Wen 4 London color spy photos appreciation KYRIE 4 LONDON PE will be released?

KYRIE 4 LONDON PE is mainly because Owen goes with the Celtics to play in London, England

Nike Hat

A overseas regular season. At that time, there were this pair of KYRIE 4 London PE, This shoe, I will welcome the eyes of countless small partners. When you ask this shoe, when you can sell, Q6U Net small advice, we will come together to enjoy the appreciation

Ou Wen 4 London color color Spy photos appreciation

Let\’s take a look at the official spy photos

The overall color scheme is built by blue yellow tone, supplemented by red dotted details

The arrow-shaped topped outsolate, bring excellent grip and stability performance, the battle is very rich

Sole pattern is still familiar, but color Changed to the yellow white phase

Take a look at the effect on the foot of the Owen

The large bottom is very bright.

What is the value is still quite good?

Owen wears it to go to it,

KYRIE 4 London PE

n 354 Nike Shoes White


This color color is only for Owen himself exclusive PE, there is no relevant release details, we will continue to pay attention, Please pay attention to the follow-up report of our interesting network

KYRIE 4, how is it?

In the foot of the foot of Owen, my impression is that Hyperrev 2014, it The bottom is the whole palm zoom, which is relatively detained, and is not suitable for the Owen himself. After another, there is an Ou Wen 1. The short help of Owen 1 provides flexibility in Owen. The support of the upper is compared to the Hyperrev 2014, only a lot of Mahjong Zoom, which is only the first palm of the middle. The earthquake is insufficient. From the other hand, the middle is sacrificed to improve the launch of the shoes.

The upper canal, the upper foot can also feel the fitness brought by \\\”Wolf Teeth\\\”, the inner boots are soft and comfortable, while the mouth is relatively loose, the heels and ankles do not Too many wrapped. Even if the fill of the shoe is very thick, during the running ball running process, the shoe will have loose feelings. It is not good to fit the ankle. From another perspective, the shoe mouth and the shoes help have a big flexible feet. Sex

Nike Air Force Women

, various fancy coastal ankles like Owen are very flexible.

Zoom feedback from the middle of the midst of the midst of the midst of the midst of the midst of the midst of the mid-bottom is still good, the prefers of the predecessor is a part I like, will not pass soft but full of feedback, during the startup, the front palm will still have draggingFeeling.

In the gas permeability, Owen 4 should be inferior, thick filling and secret fabric upper and shoe inner boots design, so that the breathable of the shoes is really not good, but suitable in winter.

The overall effect is still a good effect of European 4

Nike Air Max 270 joint VIRGIL ABLOH version good-looking Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Max 270 is released

Recently Nike\’s most popular series is Air Max 270, which has been exposed to a lot of color colors, so that everyone is very like. Today, I also passed the joint name of Air Max 270 and Virgil Abloh. Version, this makes us more expectation, this Virgil Abloh X Nike Air Max 270 is detailed

Nike Volleyball Shoes

, Q6U Net Small Classes tell you

Nike Air MAX 270 joint VIRGIL ABLOH version is better

It seems that it seems to be very nice look

Pure white design style plus 270 series

Nike Sweatshirts FOR MEN

Nike iPhone 13 case

is very handsome

The joint name with Virgil Abloh is to make the shoes more feel

[ 123]

Side of the shoes is printed with some details

Interested friends can see

Virgil Abloh X Nike Air Max 270 When Offer

[123 The delivery information of this shoe has not been announced yet

You can continue to pay attention to the follow-up report of our interesting network

NIKE Air Max 270\’s foot feeling

AIR The MAX 270\’s foot feel is a special nice

The reason is that the AIR MAX 270 will reach the post-heel

so long, and it is conceivable to know the shocking effect of the shoes and Comfort is very good

Nike AF1 low help brown spy photos share NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”TAN\\\” Good-looking?

As one of Nike\’s most famous shoes, how can I don\’t have new color? Recently, the Internet exposed a new brown AF1 LOW spy photos, no accident, this should be one of this year\’s AF1 series, what is the shoes that the shoes farewell? Little edging together with fun

Nike Shoes Womens Pink

Take a look.

Nike AF1 low-top brown spy photos

The shape is not changed, still the whole leather upper, the upper foot effect should be quite good, Xiaobian feels that this color seems to be easy Have no.

Different from the previous NIKELAB version, this new model did not use white midsole, but the overall \\\”TAN\\\” color material to form comparison, and Big Swoosh is also The textured cortex was used.

NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”TAN\\\” release information

Currently, this NIKE AF1 brown sale information has not yet been out, interested in shoes, can continue to pay attention to our Q6U latest news.

Nike AF1 series

Since the birth of 1982, since the first pair of AF1 \\\”ban\\\”, Since 1982, the \\\”first six people\\\” professional basketball players were selected in 1982. As the spokesperson of Air Force, they took off from the track on this classic poster, successfully flying over

Louis v Nike Shoes

Basketball and culture, starting from this moment, basketball is no longer defined before Basketball. Because of this, this photo of \\\”The initial six people\\\” in Bruce Kilgore said a different relationship between the brand and basketball players, this relationship

Nike Shoes Jordan 1

Target the demand for athletes.

Macro, durable, transcendence, hero, coherent, and pure, these qualities are injected into the \\\”first six people\\\” Air Force 1 series. Each word is a technical level, requiring real design and innovation to create superior performance.

If Nike creates Air Force 1. Today, Air Force is no longer single to Nike, Instead, it became a symbol of the whole ball of shoes. Today, Air Force 1 is the most perfect interpretation of retro these words. The designers have new color and patterns to the AIR Force 1 into the newsoul.He has become an essential shoe wearing a young American daily.

Even in China, the trend of Air Force 1 is equally prosperous.Many young people will have a pair of Air Force1, because this is a self-style showing that when Hip-Hop has swept the world, Air Force 1 naturally has an essential equivalent.The shoes culture led by Air Force 1 also makes many people to be drunk.

AJ32 White Gold Color How much Air Jordan 32 \\\”Pure Platinum\\\” Platinum Color This Month is released

2017 AJ32 series, can be said to be one of the hottest baskets of basketball shoes, wanting AJ33 before, it still

Nike Shoes Zumiez

will be the mainstream shoes of AJ, recently, Nike again Released a new colorful platinum Air Jordan 32 \\\”Pure Platinum\\\”, is there interesting for shoes and fans? Come with interesting network Xiaobian to see how this pair of AJ32 Platinum is.

AJ32 Platinum color matching?

It can be seen that this pair of white gold color is solid, including the flying people logo, but this color is really good to act. . .

In design, the upper from the head to the end with pure white, creating a simple and descent, and betterly convex the weft texture details, only silver Jumpman logo and followback Fixed the contrast, and finally equipped with the bottom of the ice blue crystal.

AJ32 Platinum Color Offering Information

It is reported that this double gold A

Nike Shoes Cute

J32 will debut in January, the price is $ 185 , Like small partners can continue to pay attention to the latest news of the Baptist Q6U.

Pure Platinum

Color: Pure Platinum / ICO: AA1253-007 Off date: January 2018 Price: $ 185

AIR Jordan 32 series

From the configuration, Air Jordan XXX2 can be called the top of the top world! Front and back Flyknit woven in the degree yarn, followed by the large-scale TPU stabilization block and the brightening crystal of the newly streptn! AJ32 shoes equipped with the Jordan Series exclusive Flyknit structure and FLightSpeed \\u200b\\u200btechnology, will be designed from Air Jordan 2 Elements are integrated with modern high-performance innovation technological, which is designed to designed essentials, but its slow-ranking system is far from the past basketball shoes.

The middle is Flight Speed \\u200b\\u200b+ front and rear separation zoom air cushion + footbown support plate. The Flight Speed \\u200b\\u200bused, the football position is added

Nike Jordan 1

thick and the triangular structure is used to increase stability. The feedback brought by ZOOM before and after.

Sole on both sides of the body like Flywire\’s strip hole, which is connected to the lace, which is why 32 laces are not easy to disassemble.However, if the loose laces can be loose, because the lace is fixed in the shoe hole with glue, it can be loose or tight, you can adjust it with confidence.

When is AJ8 Valentine\’s Day to sell AJ8 Valentine\’s Day?

It\’s a Valentine\’s Day, I don\’t know if you have a gift of your boyfriend / girlfriend? If there is no pick, this pair of Valentine\’s Day a

Black Nike Shoes

J8 may become a good choice! At present, the AJ8 Valentine\’s Day is only exposed a spy photos, and the specific price is unknown, but will be released on the day of Valentine\’s Day. Do you not expect it?

AJ8 Valentine\’s Day?

A pair of Air Jordan 8 Valentine\’s Day exclusive color in INS exposure – Flunct big red, shoes side pink camouflage detail, not a bit of eye-catching, this is certain Let each sneakerhand walk away! Isn\’t this a lady who is the best to kill your boyfriend? Even if you play a rack, you have to win you!

How much is the AJ8 Valentine\’s Day

At present, the official does not send


Cloth related commercial information about the shoe, but is expected It will be released before 14 this year,

Shoes Nike for Men

The price is $ 190. Don\’t miss it!

AJ8 Valentine\’s Day is worth buying

Valentine\’s Day is approaching, many small sisters have to have a romantic night with boyfriend. Every time you go out, your boyfriend you love shoes is afraid that others will step on him, buy double new shoes to tell you five hundred times, in fact, you have already been huh, you have a good thing? Not looking at it at all! So this Valentine\’s Day, Xiaobian brought you a pair of Air Jordan 8, winning your own sneakerhand boyfriend!

This seems very value!

Women\’s AJ12 Grape Zimei Color Offers AJ12 GS Desert Sand Instrument

AJ12 has always been a style that girls like, recently a new AIR Jordan GS Desert Sand entered our vision. The appearance of Bai Ziyan makes people feel a little \\\”wicked\\\” flavor. So when is AJ12 grape purple color color? Come with Xiaobian to meet this pair of AJ12 GS Desert Sand!

AJ12 Desert Sand White Zi color appearance

The shoe is made of leather material, and the color of the color is used in white and purple. Match, and a very popular all-in-one wallet style is something like.

Purple Leather

Nike Shoes Kids Air Max

is equipped with a special pattern, giving people a little like scales.

Lace buckle is a purple metal buckle, and the electroplating color is not easily faded even if there is friction. Very eye-catching.

Mens Nike Sneakers

12 Desert Sand Who Zi for sale

AJ12 Desert Sand has always been a very good shoe shape, and AJ12 is also After experiencing the release of multiple replica.

The wicked purple color AJ12 Desert Sand officially launched on November 17, priced at $ 140.

Interested friends pay more attention!


Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

GS \\\”desert Sand\\\”

Item No .: 510815-001

Offering date : November 17

Offer price: $ 140

Yeezy 700S Spy photos Yeezy 700S Offer Information

Scheduling about coconut 700 is still quite a lot, just announced about Yeezy 700 Static will be released on December 29 and a new colorful Yeezy 700 cream white, then the lord is published in social media A brand new shoe Yeezy 700S, then this pair of Yeezy 700s physical map is good? When is YEEZY 700S for sale? Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about Yeezy 700S with Xiaobian of interest.

YEEZY 700S spy photos

Xiaobian first saw the head of the shoe, I thought it was Nike\’s shoes, haha, there is no such thing as Xiaobian, especially like Nike Swoosh\’s logo

The upper is 3M reflective, it is still very cool in the light, the overall color of the shoe looks gray, but the light is very dark, it is not very clear

[ 123] The value of the upper feet is still very good, you can look forward to it together

YEEZY 700S release information

There is currently y

NIKE Jesus Shoes

Eezy 700S release information announced

But Xiaobian feels that this pair of Yeezy 700s still has a period of time

The fastest is to wait until 2019, Xiaoshu Always pay attention to the latest offer information

I like the small partners and Xiaobian to pay attention

Yeezy 700 can wear

First look at the Yeezy 700 shoes Material, anti-fur, mesh, leather, inner layer is a breathable mesh and foam.

This shoe fuse is not very thick, belongs to the middle level

That is always, this double yeezy 7

nike running shoes men

00 warmth, If you are in the north, Xiaobian is not recommended

Nike Hoodies

Southern City\’s small partner winter is not a problem, there is no problem.

NIKE DUNK SB \\\”Diamond\\\” joint sale information Diamond Supply Co. X Dunk SB physical appreciation

Nike Dunk SB is a very popular skateboard series, and simple fresh style is sought after by many people. Recently, a Nike Dunk SB is published. This \\\”diamond\\\” joint section is full, let us enjoy the physical map of Diamond Supply Co. X Dunk SB, this Nike Dunk SB \\\”Diamond\\\” jointly launched Woolen cloth?

Nike Dunk SB \\\”Diamond\\\” joint physical map

Diamond x dunk sb iconic crocodile

Nike Shoes Drip

Trilled leather is very textured With the metal lace head, with time-to-open hook elements, the silver swoosh is very conspicuous, really seems to be a lot of diamonds.

Nike Revolution 5 Men\’s Running Shoes

The following is a classic \\\”Tiffany\\\”

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

Green, making the entire LOGO very stereo feel.

Simple color, but gives people noble texture, a \\\”not simple\\\” breath comes, Xiaobian personal sees this shoe, I feel completely unfolded. !

\\\”Tiffany\\\” green embroidery is also extraordinary, with unique distinguished atmosphere.

Nike Dunk SB \\\”Diamond\\\” jointly for sale

At present, the official has not released the specific release information, but Xiaobian guess should be Recently released.

This new design \\\”diamond\\\” jointly believes that everyone is in a quite expectant! We will also pay close attention to the movement of this Fair, and more interesting friends pay more attention!