January 2022

James 19 Bad Shock Spy photos Lebron19 Offers Information and Price

This year\’s Lakers have been spirally eliminated, but James\’s performance is still unable, although the old man is very big, but the strength is still online, especially in the aerial dunk 2 Inside the film, I saw the new LBJ19 generation figure, this is still very excited, then when is this pair of shoes for sale? What is the configuration information? Let\’s take a look.

James 19-Ball Shootwear Photo

James 19 Eggs exposure, Zhan Huang is wearing a shoe in the \\\”big burrow 2\\\” movie Basic can be determined that this is James 1

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9. However, there is also a small partner questioning that this movie is not shooting last year, why will there be a shoe that hasn\’t been there this year last year, so as for this pair of shoes is not James 19 generation, or wait for the official Xuan.

Let\’s take a look at the contrast of the Internet\’s LBJ19 generation shoes spy photos and physical maps. In fact, it is still very similar:

[123 ]

Lebron19 release information and price

Lebron19 release price is still 1599 yuan, the specific delivery time is to be determined, there should be a few months.

Lebron19 is coming out of the news, I don\’t know if the names of these colors are correct. Everyone looks at the play. After all, it is still the fourth season at the end of the year

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, but can Affirmation is the price or 1599, of course, there are also Kyrie 8 (999), ZOOM FREAK 3 (899) and KD14 (1299) at that time.

Lebron19 shoes

Take a look at how the netizens say:

lbj15 is the peak of the modernity of the modernity, the back is too ugly

Nike SB Dunk

It seems like a whole palm MAX 720, sitting, etc., the shoes of James atmosphere is finally fracture;

air cushion It has not yet covered the side to turn side, probably 脚 神;

This is not obvious to change on the basis of lbj16? According to the time node, this should also be the movie version of the LBJ16, should not be 19.

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AJ36 spy photos exposure AJ36 is when

AJ35 is going to last for nearly a year, and look at the time. AJ36 should be exposed! Recently, online suspected exposure AJ36, what is the new generation AJ? When is it for sale? Let\’s take you a look at you!

AJ36 spy photos exposure

Previously opened a suspected AJ36 color color, from the current exposure color, this new color shoe body is green Mainly, the shoe body is used in black and red, and the whole color of the shoe is very refreshing. However, there is also a matter of view, the shoes of the East Chicchi seem to be React elevation color, suspected is PE color.

So successfully, AJ36 is officially exposed! From the currently exposed picture, the AJ36 shoe body is mainly purple, and the bright orange is used. The midsole still uses a hollow design, which is reserved.

In addition, from the current exposure spy photos, AJ36 uses high-top design, but the overall color match seems to be a bit ugly? What do you think?

When is AJ36

Currently AJ36 specific

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The delivery information has not been exposed, but from everyone\’s attention, the shoes are fascinated They are quite expected to the AJ36. According to the AJ35 footwear design, the previous enthusiastic netizen helps \\\”design\\\” AJ36

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shoes, design is still very concerned!

This A36 in the netizen should be

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from the hollow design from the middle of the AJ35, this generation of shoes in the middle of the bottom More, the upper is mainly black and white color, which is not coming to the autonomous thinking of O\’Neill\’s annual wheel boots.

If the previous design is quite a reference, the destruction behind is quite innovative and taste, this is the netizen who is a JJ37, don\’t say, take a hollow design photo Not there is no possibility.

Then the AJ38 will look like this! Have to say, netizens are quite a good time, very interesting! What is the AJ36 in your mind? Welcome to the discussion below ~

AJ36 is worth starting?

The value is not worth watching everyone, AJ36 is not yet available, everyone may wish to wait patiently Decide again. But looking at AJ35, thisThe feet on the foot of the ball is still very good, and the actual performance is also true.However, AJ35 has some set of stories to bounce with the part to bring your Achilles, which is not conducive to transverse movement or phase-in action.I hope that AJ36 can be improved!

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LBJ18 small flower color matching LBJ18 small flower color matching code code code

The color of the LBJ18 series of shoes has always been very resistant. Recently, a new small flower color exposure, this coloring color and past high-profile style are different, the new color color of this launch is made of small flowers. . It seems that there seems to have more imperial temperament, let\’s take a look!

LBJ18 small flower color release

From exposure

Nike Shoes

, it can be seen, this new color shoe is the whole with turquoise and Wine red is the main

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, such a contrast design looks very bright eye-catching! In addition, the small flower color soles use the bright orange decoction, the upper SWOSH logo, and the upper is printed with a unique floral pattern, highlighting the unique design style. It is reported that this new color price is $ 130, and the friends who like it may wish to pay more!


Kyrie 6 Nike Shoes

Lebron 18 Low GS \\u0026 quot; Floral \\u0026 quot;

Item No .: DN4177-400

Offering Date: July 2021 [ 123]

LBJ18 small flower color matching code

lbj18 is not biased, like small friends can start with your usual size . But if your foot type is wider or the back is high, Xiaobian recommends that you can choose a big size, so you don\’t have to worry. If you have any conditions, you can also try on the physical store, so you don\’t have to worry about buying the wrong size.

LBJ18 small flower color matching is worth starting?

The value is not worth starting to see everyone, I don\’t like it, I don\’t like it, the so-called thousands of people, suitable for my own shoes. Is the best! The design of this shoe is quite good, but there is a saying, James\’s shoes are generally suitable for general players, because the air cushions are difficult to step on, and the focus may be higher, which may not be very suitable for small parties.

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Jordan Spizike \\\”WOLF GREY\\\” gray wolf color release information

The last color of the Jordan Spizike Series will be officially launched on December 10

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.Wolf grey gray wolf coloring in

Nike Air Jordans

Black Nike Shoes for Women High Tops

, supplemented with black and fitness red detail, lining and solesFitness red presentation.The gray shoe body is well in the bright red detail, the overall effect is quite eye-catching, and there is a good foot effect.Item No .: 315371-003 Offering Date: December 10 Rates Price: $ 175

Air Jordan 4 GS \\\”Fuchsia\\\” Offers

Air Jordan 4 is about to welcome a beautiful

shuary nike for men

GS female models

Nike Spandex Shorts for Women

Color salePurple Diabet, sweet feelings jump, the overall dark

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is also very easy to wear.Item No .: 705344-027 Offering date: January 17, 2015

Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG 2015 Renewl Sales Information

After selling a variety of loyal dire year, Air Jordan 1 Retro Og High High-Help Shore Color, the low-help version of Air Jordan 1 Low Retro OG will also return to the first year.The tongue is bidding Nike Air embroidery, and the shoes are gangd from the flying wing logo.In February 2015, two color colors were sold, named Bred black color and

Nike Shoes Que Cambian de Color

silver color.Air Jordan 1 Low Retro OG \\u0026 LDQUO; Bred \\u0026 rdquo; Item No .: 705329-001 Feede: February 7, 2015 Air

Nike Air Force 1 Womns

Jordan 1 Low Retro Og \\u0026 ldquo; White / Silver \\u0026 Rdquo; Item No .: 705329-100 Off date: 2015 2

NIKE Shoes Quest

Month 28

Air Jordan 2015 Remastered List

The AIR Jordan ball shoes of the Remastered classic reengineering will be released in 2015, and the physical pictures and release information have been exposed. Today, it has brought the information that has been determined, so that everyone can make this presence of this boutique series.Air Jordan 4 \\u0026 quot; Release Date: On 10 January 2015 Air Jordan 7

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\\u0026 quot; French Blu

Nike Shoes Keychain

E \\u0026 Quot; Offering Date: 2015 1AIR Jordan 10 \\u0026 ldquo; Bulls over Broadway \\u0026 rdquo; Offer Date: February 14, 2015 Air Jordan 10 \\u0026 ldquo; Lady Liberty \\u0026 Rdquo; Offering Date: February 14, 2015 Air Jordan 4 \\u0026 ldquo; Oreo \\u0026 RDQUO; Offer Date: 2015February Air Jordan 4 \\u0026 ldquo; TEAL \\u0026 RDQUO; February 2015 AIR Jordan 10 \\u0026 ldquo; Double Nickel \\u0026 Rdquo; Offer date: March 28, 2015 Air Jordan 1 OG \\u0026 quot; Chica

Kids Nike Shoes for Girls

Go \\u0026 Quot; Offering Date: 2015 Summer

Lebron 12 \\\”Trillion Dollar Man\\\” is about to be released

Lebron 12 is about to usher in new color.Lebron 12 \\u0026 quot; T

Breaking 2 Nike Shoes

RILLION DOLLAR Man \\u0026 quot; Silver Posite Material Plumbing

Nike Slides Men

Green Swoosh and Details showed all kinds of James on the gameTalents will be officially released in China on December 30.

Nike Shoes Low Dunk

Item No .: 707782-430 Release Date: December 30 Rates Price: ¥ 1599

\\\”Dog Head\\\” Dunk SB is very refreshing, the upper is so bright enough!

After the \\\”ice cream\\\” Dunk S

Nike Air Max Excee

B officially released, the highest concern of Dunk SB can be said to be in front of this double Japanese skateboard store Instant skateboards jointly. Previously, we reported the object of this pair of shoes and the detail pictures, recent ball shoes broke the news YANKEEKICKS also brought us a set of foot beautiful pictures, and this pair of shoes are expected to be officially released this year! The whole double shoe uses the white blue colors to make the body, the leather material exhibits the consistent shoessing of the Dunk SB series of shoes. There is a blue mini swoosh logo at the shoe, echoing the belt color. At the same time, this design is quite rare in the Dunk SB series of shoes sold this year. Black swoosh logo runs through the body, extending to the back, the yellow car is particularly eye-catching under the black background. At the same time, the tongue also used black and embedded the embroidered specification of the embroidered specification in the shoes. The biggest highlight of the whole double shoe is that the upper 3M reflective material is created, and the light is irradiated under the light, and the feet in the evening will be quite fried. Finally, the design of the whole double shoe is perfect in the white midsole and the black outsole. I have to say that from the foot effect, the light-colored dress of the whole double shoe is suitable for summer wearing, the white blue contrast combination is also very refreshing! At present, there is no specific release information for the new Instant Skateboards X Nike SB Dunk Low, only

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will be officially released this year, and more ball shoes will bring reports in the first time. . In

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Stant Skateboards X Nike Sb Dunk Low Off Reserve Date: 2020 Pic Via: Yankeek

White Zi color color fresh release!Blazer MID is newly color!

NIKE in recent years, through a series of brands such as Off-White, Sacai, Nike will re-pull back Blazer Mid

Winflo 8 Nike Shoes

, retro shoe-type, become a new idea, become trend of lovers everyday wear Take no bilateral choice. Recently, a new Blazer MID, a new Bai Zi color, has a network. The whole double shoe is designed with Nike Blazer Mid, the shoe body uses a pure white color dress, bringing extremely simple and new visual effects. Leather material creates a shoe body, the shoe, and the side position to supplemeize the light gray suede material, which not only enriches the body of the body, but also improve the texture of the whole double shoe. On the side of the purple Nike Swoosh logo, the white purple color effect is present, and then the same as the purple NIKE word. A wipe

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purple could not help people think of the lakes iconic purple, and the Sakura suddenly passed, this pair of shoes can also have a good commemoration. At present, the specific release of this new color match has not yet been released. Interested friends may wish to continue

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We will pay attention to our information, we will bring follow-up to follow-up reports in the first time. Pic Via: US_11