Adidas SuperStar two newly deconstructed color release sales adidas superstar shoes code normal?

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, Adidas launched two Adidas SuperStar new deconstruction color. These two new colors are tone in black and white, and there are two different deconstruction styles. How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!

Adidas SuperStar two new deconstruction colors real appreciation

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is the 50th anniversary of Shell Head Adidas SuperStar, super new products Sales, there is no shortage of refreshing design. Recently, two unstopchabable SUPERSTAR new products debut.

One of them is ash, white two colors as the main base, and the outer layer of the shoe body is above the suede of the inner upper surface.

The other pair is reverse deconstruction, the white outer layer is the main body, and the shoe is exposed to gray inner. After the patch, the shoes will help the whole double shoe temperament look very advanced.

Adidas SuperStar two new deconstruction color release

It is reported that this new color match has been released overseas, and the specific release information has not been released in China. Like friends may wish to pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

Item No.

Item No .: FV3023

[ 123] Is Adidas Superstar Shoes Code Normal?

Adidas Clover SuperStar Series Shoes Codes Size half size, so like small friends can buy a small number of codes appropriately.

Adidas Clover LOGO

Many people think that the symbol of Adidas clover is representative of a blooming flower because of the prototypes, representing the spirit of the Olympic Games. It is also the \\\”higher, faster, stronger\\\” in the goal of the world \’s athletes. However, in fact, Adidas Shamdia Symbol is originally representative of three mainland sectors – its shape is like a three-dimensional plane of the earth, which is very similar to the world map, symbolizing the exercise power of the world. At the same time

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, this flag also symbolizes the founder of Adidas brand Adi Dasler in three sneakersRipple.