James 19 Bad Shock Spy photos Lebron19 Offers Information and Price

This year\’s Lakers have been spirally eliminated, but James\’s performance is still unable, although the old man is very big, but the strength is still online, especially in the aerial dunk 2 Inside the film, I saw the new LBJ19 generation figure, this is still very excited, then when is this pair of shoes for sale? What is the configuration information? Let\’s take a look.

James 19-Ball Shootwear Photo

James 19 Eggs exposure, Zhan Huang is wearing a shoe in the \\\”big burrow 2\\\” movie Basic can be determined that this is James 1

Air Forces Womens Nike

9. However, there is also a small partner questioning that this movie is not shooting last year, why will there be a shoe that hasn\’t been there this year last year, so as for this pair of shoes is not James 19 generation, or wait for the official Xuan.

Let\’s take a look at the contrast of the Internet\’s LBJ19 generation shoes spy photos and physical maps. In fact, it is still very similar:

[123 ]

Lebron19 release information and price

Lebron19 release price is still 1599 yuan, the specific delivery time is to be determined, there should be a few months.

Lebron19 is coming out of the news, I don\’t know if the names of these colors are correct. Everyone looks at the play. After all, it is still the fourth season at the end of the year

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, but can Affirmation is the price or 1599, of course, there are also Kyrie 8 (999), ZOOM FREAK 3 (899) and KD14 (1299) at that time.

Lebron19 shoes

Take a look at how the netizens say:

lbj15 is the peak of the modernity of the modernity, the back is too ugly

Nike SB Dunk

It seems like a whole palm MAX 720, sitting, etc., the shoes of James atmosphere is finally fracture;

air cushion It has not yet covered the side to turn side, probably 脚 神;

This is not obvious to change on the basis of lbj16? According to the time node, this should also be the movie version of the LBJ16, should not be 19.

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