NB 990V3 X Stray Rats X DC Clown Color Spy photos NB 990V3 Tripartite Joint Clown Color Offering Information

Speaking of a clown color shoe, everyone\’s first reaction is estimated to be completed for some time to sell, 5 clown color matching, today Xiaobian learned that Stray Rats officially exposed a three-party co-branded clown color shoes NB 990V3 X Stray Rats X DC, let\’s take a look at Xiaobian with interesting network.

NB 990V3 X Stray Rats X DC Clown Color Spider

The shape is similar to the previous black model 990V3, black, green, and purple interpretation of upper, mix

Nike Cr7 Shoes

Eye orange lace and eye effect is full. The words of DC, The \\\”Joker\\\”, Stray Rats, New Balance, etc. on the left foot, and the right foot insole are more boldly printed with the clown.

The previous black models look at

NB 990V3 tripartite joint clown color release information

At present, Xiaobian knows The two NB 990V3 tripartite joint clown coloring will be officially released in December, and more specific offer information has not been released. The source of clown coloring is the source of \\\”Joker\\\” starring Jie Kunfenx. At present, there are also many clown shoes on the market. Everyone chooses to be based on their needs.

Nike Air Vapormax Plus

New Balance 990v3 \\\”The Joke


R\\\” Date of sale: December 2019


NB 990V3 and V4 which looks

Actually, V3 and V4 are not very big. On the NB official website, you can buy V5. The root design has highlights, 3M reflective materials, and V\’s symbols, at night, there is still a little interested in wearing a backward rate, you can watch it.