Nike SB Blazer Mid \\\” 03\\\” informally appreciation Soulland X SB Blazer MID Snake Print Pattern

Although the cooperation between Solan and Nike SB is very different, but it is very influential. They often go high for their own inspiration, which makes the SB brand\’s fans and fashion enthusiasts look at them. The SB Blazer Mid snake pattern brought by Soulland, feels stunning, interested partners can follow Xiaobian to see oh ~

Soulland X Nike Sb Blazer Mid \\\” 03 \\\”Appreciation of the object

Nike\’s SB series is designed for skate-making enthusiasts, which is designed by the legendary character Blazer.

marks the sort of the third cooperation, the model takes a unique aesthetics far away from the minimum modification of the original setup.

The Swoosh flag itself also passed through

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, becoming their logo; unlike standards, the contour mark is changed It became a miniature badge, while the heel lattice comes from the edge to the edge.

The focus material itself is a deep-tone-tone imitation snake, while the lace, the sole unit and the footwear are more neutral, and the latter chooses a standard rolling leather luxury equipment. . Through the \\\”fri\\\” and \\\”day\\\” relief top of \\\”Fri\\\” and \\\”day\\\” embossed top, only a more subtle accent is next to the inner tongue text wall and possible insole graphics.

Soulland X Nike Sb Blazer Mid \\\” 03\\\” Offers

According to the latest news, this SB Blazer\’s shoe will be officially released on November 22, However, since Soulland is Japan\’s tide card, the sale of the joint shoes seems to be sold in China, and the location of the sale is Europe and Japan, and interested partners can only pass the way from Haitao, but small partners. We can pay attention to us, after which all the sale of this pair of shoes will be announced in the first time.

Soulland X Nike Sb Blazer Mid \\\” 03\\\”

Release date: November 22, 2019

Nike SB Blazer is serious Fake

1, shoes material discrimination

The materials used by the shoes will definitely differ from the real shoe, which is a very critical Nike Blazer authentic method. Because the price of Shi Shoes selling is except for him to do its own brand advertising and development costs, the shoes themselvesThe material is indeed very expensive, and this fake shoe is absolutely not imitation. The developers of general fake shoes will find the same texture and properties as the material used in the real shoe, but the grade is a lot of materials to act as materials in the real shoe.

2, shoe-type identification

Shoes and fake shoes are also different from the footwear of the shoes and some lines of the lines, because of the real shoes and price shoes, The name is different, and the developer is also different, so the head and the version of the shoes are definitely different from the real shoes. And some lines in the shoes will have many different points for different real shoes and fake shoes because of the version of the version.

3, small detail of shoes Nike

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Blazer true pseudo

There are also differences in true and false in some details of shoes. For example, PHYLON, you can carefully observe that there will be a few bullets that have a few bones of the shoes, although there is a small lap, there will be a few in the middle of the middle. So the developer is definitely hope that the smaller the little bit, in order to do not affect the beauty of the shoes, but this is not to make it small. This requires the level of the factory. Be sure to be significantly more than the small points convex from the middle of the real shoes.