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When does Converse X Chiara Ferragni sell CONVERSE X Chiara Ferragni?

Is the CONVERSE to make a big trick? Successfully with WTAPS, OW, Madness, Dr.Woo, Brain DEAD, Joint name, recent online explosion of Converse will continue to join in the first half of the year, then Continue jointly in the first half, then Converse X Chiara Ferragni

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Sale? CO


NVERSE X Chiara Ferragni is good enough? Let\’s go to understand.

CONVERSE X Chiara Ferragni When is released

The current news said that the joint shoes of Converse X Chiara Ferragni will be available at 10:00 on November 9th, the specific offer price Not yet released, like friends can pay attention to our next tracking report

Converse X Chiara ferragni physical appreciation

Chuck 70 series specially adopted the most iconic Design canvas and sequins, design of stitching

The outer side of the shoe is sequential, the inside is the traditional sail

Nike G Shox Shoes

cloth design, the bottom of the sole is Chiara ferragni\’s favorite lake

All Star shoe body is full of sequins, each pair of shoes are embellished with Chiara Ferragni Fire all over the world \\\”big eyes\\\”

[ 123]

Chuck 70 embellished eye badges is more replaceable magic stickers design

Converse X Chiara ferragni is good?

The little sister saw it Will it be my heart? Xiaobian felt that the little sister on the foot is very good.

AJ11 Kangdule is about to offer the latest physical appreciation of AIR Jordan 11 \\\”Concord\\\”

Everyone is the most expecting ball shoes, it is inevitably the super big devil Air Jordan 11 \\\”Concord\\\”! This pair of AJ11 Kangduce is about to be released, and there are recent real-in-law

Women\’s Nike Shoes

, come and enjoy the latest real thing for this double big king Kang buckle, you don\’t forget it!

AIR Jordan 11 \\\”Concord\\\” release information

This pair of AJ11 big demon will be released on December 8th, everyone must prepare, friends who want to start Don\’t miss it! Detailed domestic release details will also share them with you in the first time.


Item No .: 378037-100

Offer date: December 8

Offer price: $ 220

AIR Jordan 11 \\\”Concord\\\” latest physical appreciation

AJ11 \\\”Concord\\\” continued the first two years of big paint skin design, although this design is controversial, but from the physical effect or pretty good. The footwear is more older, the shoes are also more tall, large-area patent leather material reflective effect is more cool.

With this year\’s AJ13 Panda, the design of the first year of shoe box is used, and the \\\”Concord\\\” after the 45th is the first time, which is very commemorated. The outer floor is selected in recent years, but not only the appearance is more attractive, but also a better antioxidant properties, delaying the sole.

Nike Tech Hoodie

Nike Tech Hoodie


Nike Shoes Just Do It

is to hang the belly, no matter how much good shoes this month , You can leave a wallet to remember this pair of AJ11 Kangdule!

James 3 Black Gold Reissue Telephone Nike Zoom Lebron 3 Black Gold Treatment

James is a personal signature balloon, now I have already gone, recently James 3-generation black gold replica message exposure, then when James 3 black reissue is for sale? Let\’s go to understand.

James 3 Black Gold Reissue Patent Offer

James 3 Black Gold Replica is expected to be sold in this year\’s next two months, catching the last bus in 2018, specific For sale details We will continue to pay attention to the first time.

Nike Zoom Lebron 3

Item No: AO2434-001

Offers: $ 175

Nike Zoom Lebron 3 Black Gold Terms Appreciation

Coloring and materials with the first year of 2006

Tennis Nike for Women


Shoes for Men Nike Jordan

All the same, black suede, Patent leather and other rich leather stitching with golden lace buckle embellishment, domineering and gorgeous capital

Nike Soccer Ball

is demonstrated.

Sole with carbon fiber support plate and large capacity Zoom Air, bringing excellent foot feeling.

The metal shoe is also a high specification that is in meticulous to restore the first year.

James 3 black gold replica version worth starting?

On the current market, James Zhengdian shoes have extraordinary performance

[123 ] The price can be a little more expensive, but it is also okay, more friendly price

\\\”Small fresh\\\” couple models AJ3 offer information AJ3 \\\”Air Trainer 1\\\” physical details appreciation

AJ is very hot this year, but its

Nike Shoes Kids

The new product of AJ3 is not much, basically belongs to a relatively quiet state. However, a very small fresh AJ3 in recent days is really bright! And men and women have, very suitable for couples. Let\’s take a look at this \\\”Xiaofu New\\\” couple AJ3 release information with Xiaobian, and enjoy the physical details of this AJ3 \\\”Air Trainer 1\\\”!

\\\”Small Qingxin\\\” couple model AJ3 release information

This Air Jordan 3 \\\”Air Trainer 1\\\” has been launched, the volume is also very sufficient, male sale

Tenis Nike Para Hombre

The price is ¥ 1399 RMB, female models are ¥ 999 RMB.

At present, the official website still has in stock.

Interested friends can start as soon as possible, very small and fresh green, in the entire AJ series, still very characterful.


Nike Shoes Goat

3 \\\”AIR Trainer 1\\\” real detail appreciation

This AJ3 colorful inspiration comes from the early Tinker design classic training Shoe Nike Air Trainer 1.

Black burst pattern with gray-color colored upper unique, lace buckle and the shoe body Jumpman logo all adopted a tender green embellishment.

This color color is not only extremely rare in AJ color, but the entire visual effect is also a unprecedented refreshing manifestation, and it is also very small and fresh, especially suitable for couples.

\\\”Small Qingxin\\\” couple models AJ3 worth starting?

Xiaobian personal feeling, tell the truth, if it is the appreciation of the shoe, there is no necessity, no Many significance, it is not a high appreciation space in this short-term new color color.

But the original intention of this AJ3 design is to go to the new route. As a couple\’s pressure road style, the biggest meaning of the shoes itself is self-use, if appropriate, can be original enough to enter a couple AJ shoes and why not ?

Anta KT4 sweeping shoes for sale Anta KT4 鸳 shoes real I

Anta KT4 has recently been a fire-fighting shoes, I have long exposed to KT4 shoes, until now, is there still been selling in the KT4 shoes for sale? Let\’s go to understand.

When is Anta KT4 shoes for sale


Nike Shoes Womens Air Max 270

KT4 camouflage shoes is about to be released, the delivery time is 10 am on October 27 Each person is limited to a pair, and a limited edition shoe box is a pair. Fatko dolls, says that this netizen said: Anta is still can\’t afford it …

[ 123]

Anta KT4 鸳 shoes real appreciation

Don\’t look carefully, I really can\’t see the ball shoes

Anta KT4 The color of the shoes is called the color, but the color is mixed with a monotonous, a bit like the pattern of zebras

The color is very large, the shoes tongue adopts the socks of the socks

Anta KT4 cost-effective

Anta brand established an original intention to make a good shoes wearing ordinary people, price positioning is a low-end population, selling price is naturally a pro Many, I still remember the star signature shoes that I have been in Ant, sold 399 yuan of the people Price

Nike Shoes Que Cambian de Color

, then many small friends on the court wore Garnett (Anta) Boots, because it is really cheap.

The 899 yuan is not expensive for international big basketball shoes. It is also acceptable for Li Ning basketball shoes. The impression of work ordinary, mediocre, and brand image, now designed, just came to raise prices, it seems that Anta will also give up the \\\”poor market\\\”.

Air Jordan 6 \\\”DMP\\\” Offering Air Jordan 6 \\\”DMP\\\” on foot effect

Counting in 2019 is approaching end, 2020 is coming. In order to welcome the arrival of the 2020, Nike will be released on January 25 next year. Let\’s take you the latest release information of Air Jordan 6 \\\”DMP\\\”!

Air Jordan 6 \\\”DMP sale

This pair will be officially released on January 25 next year. It is exactly the first year of the Spring Festival. The price is $ 200, and Xiaobian will Continuous attention and bring tracking reports in the first time!

AIR Jordan 6 \\\”DMP\\\” Retro

Item No .: CT4594-007

Offering date : January 25, 2020

Offer price: $ 200

Air Jordan 6 \\\”DMP physical appreciation

In the news that has been exposed, will be released in early next year AIR Jordan 6 \\\”DMP\\\” is the first wave of surprises, recently instagram broke the real detail photo on instagram.

Born in 2006, Air Jordan 6 \\\”DMP\\\” is one of the members of the BRIC. The set contains a pair of Air Jordan 6 a pair of Air Jordan 11.

The black gold theme of low-key luxury has been deep

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage

is loved by domestic ball shoes players, the shoe body is made of a black matte leather with a textured. The dot gold dressing in the details is also more identifiable while adding noble temperament to the whole double shoe.

Tongpman logo is also presented in golden relief, with the maximum difference between the conventional AIR Jordan 6 is below the next flying man mark, additional gold 23 number, exquisite and eye-catching, highlighting the special identity of DMP !

After 14 years, I believe that there will be many old players to recharge. The return of this pair of Air Jordan 6 is far from another pair of AIR JORDAN 11 DMP in the set?

Air Jordan 6 \\\”DMP foot effect\\\”

2006 is called \\\”BRIC Suit\\\” Air Jord

How to Know IFITS Original Nike Shoes

AN 6 + 11 Defining Moments Pack was born, and Michael Jordan won the three consecutive championships opened in 1991 and 1996. They all use noble gorgeous golden dotted details and add extra special detail to portray. Due to the rare cost of loading, the price is expensive, leading to the difficulty of starting, and has not been able to review

Nike Shoes Return Policy

, it is definitely aj fan

God in the heart.

The shoe body is made of a black matte leather in a textured, and the golden dotted with the shoes and the middle end detail, the low-key introversion is also quite king\’s style.

Tongpman logo is also presented in golden relief, with the maximum difference between the conventional AIR Jordan 6 is below the next flying man mark, additional gold 23 number, exquisite and eye-catching, highlighting the special identity of DMP !

Currently, the file is officially debuted on January 25th! Side of 14 years of first-degree replica, whether it is handsome and exquisite, or the DMP brick element is unable to resist the reminded, I am afraid it will be a lot of small partners, next year must enter the shoes! Like a small friend should pay attention, Xiaobian will always pay attention to the latest news dynamics!

AJ11 black red parent-child shoes sale Air Jordan 11 \\\”BRED\\\” where to buy

Air Jordan 11 \\\”BRED\\\” is a generation of classic color shoes, many players look forward to the reissue of AJ11 black color colors. This small series gets this classic original color matching on December 14 in adults, big children, children, preschool children and children. Interested players may wish to pay more!

Nike Shoes for Men

Nike Shoes for Men

Nike Shoes for Men

IR Jordan 11 Retro

Offering Date: December 14, 2019 [123 : $ 220

Color: Black / Red Red White Style

Curia: Style Code: 378037-061 (

NIKE P-6000 Shoes


Style code: 378038-061 (big child)

Style code: 378039-061 (small child)

Style code: 378040-061 (child) [ 123]

CI6165-061 (baby)

AIR Jordan 11 retro physical appreciation

Air Jor

Nike Baby Shoes

DAN 11 Reetro\’s December has broken the sales record annually, and has become the most important shoe issuance in Jordan Brand\’s four seasons.

That is, for the upcoming famous \\\”Bred\\\” Jordan 11s, the upcoming price is set high.

Because this 1996 original color matching program is listed in adults, big children, children, preschool children and young children on December 14.

Although every OG color color of the patent shoes has its own self-esteem, many people think that Jordan 11 \\\”Bred\\\” is a luxury and exercise peak model.

Because Jordan has been riding this color along an incredible 72-10 season and subsequent NBA.

Air Jordan 11 \\\”BRED\\\” where the parent-child shoes buy

The United States will be released on December 14, 2019, AIR Jordan 11 \\\”Bred\\\” parent-child shoes, domestic There is currently no specific delivery time. Like friends can consider from the seaPutting in hand, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!


The ISPA department established by Nike has a very common sense of Technology in September. Recently, Nike\’s ISPA department will bring us two new Nike ISPA JOYRIDE Envelope, many trendy shoes players are very interested in these two new products, and don\’t say much, let\’s make small Cash and let you see it!

It is reported that the two colorful Nike ISPA JOYRIDE Envelope will be officially released on November 27, priced is about $ 195, and there is currently no specific offer information in China. We will continue to pay attention, and we will bring follow-up tracking reports in the first time.

Item No .: BV4584-001 (Black) / BV4584-400 (Blue)

Offering Date: November 27

Offer price: $ 195

Nike ISPA JOYRIDE ENVELOPE Repreter Appreciation

Two color paletts respectively show people with cool black and lake blue color, middle-handed modeling, very science The appearance of theoretically combines speed.

The maximum bright spot is a special design specification of the upper, which can be used in one-piece folding design while both sides can be opened.

Advanced special upper material, one of which is covered with large area of \\u200b\\u200bbreathable, combined with waterproof and breathable function

Nike Air Jordan 1

, help easily deal with all kinds of wearing surroundings.

The shoe position has a special strap of a non-tear nylon material, which not only protects the role of ankles, but also provides better convenience to wear away.

The mid-bottom is mounted in the center of Joyride. It can be seen before, in the outsole.

NIKE Air MAX 720 ISPA is worth starting?

Let\’s take a look at the Nike ISPA concept: ISPA project\’s purpose is to use Nike to test, \\\”Meng name \\\”Innovative technology and design to solve various challenges in urban life. These challenges are also the same as the artificial environment

Nike Shoes ThaT Say Air on the side

complex and diverse, and Nike ISPA Air Max 720 sports shoes main attack NIKE unprecedented high gas cushion stability – dedicated to a variety of bumps. What kind of \\\”bumps\\\”? Imagine a stroke of a crowded subway car, or on the scene of the carnival party to resist the door of the round. In short, the challenges in urban life have a color, there are thousands of different, and there is a difficult point, and a strong \\\”anti-fall\\\” Air Max makes you easy comfort to thousands of problems, which can be described as \\\”one foot, no fear interference.\\\”

Air Max shoes is like the Oxford Shirt in the US Preparatory School – it is an unable to choose. ISPA Air Max 720 Sneakers also has a pull-up fixture, function similar to the chain nose of the old-fashioned lock – return to the night, you can hang the shoes, glory is alive. Some elements of ISPA Air Max 720 Sneakers are taken from Nike React 87 shoes (all well-known design elements), using the purpose of the air max air cushion is to guide the air cushion displacement, to achieve fastening, stable Painting. The upper is a fine grid

Nike Socks

fabric, ensuring good breathability (this time again confirmed that Air Max is a must-have good choice for the dance …). Overall, the shoe not only provides a solution for some specific daily life problems, but also shows a bold and distinctive future style, which makes people can\’t help but praise.

Xiaobian feels still good, what do you think?

Nike SB Blazer Mid \\\” 03\\\” informally appreciation Soulland X SB Blazer MID Snake Print Pattern

Although the cooperation between Solan and Nike SB is very different, but it is very influential. They often go high for their own inspiration, which makes the SB brand\’s fans and fashion enthusiasts look at them. The SB Blazer Mid snake pattern brought by Soulland, feels stunning, interested partners can follow Xiaobian to see oh ~

Soulland X Nike Sb Blazer Mid \\\” 03 \\\”Appreciation of the object

Nike\’s SB series is designed for skate-making enthusiasts, which is designed by the legendary character Blazer.

marks the sort of the third cooperation, the model takes a unique aesthetics far away from the minimum modification of the original setup.

The Swoosh flag itself also passed through

Nike Revolution 5 Men\’s Running Shoes

, becoming their logo; unlike standards, the contour mark is changed It became a miniature badge, while the heel lattice comes from the edge to the edge.

The focus material itself is a deep-tone-tone imitation snake, while the lace, the sole unit and the footwear are more neutral, and the latter chooses a standard rolling leather luxury equipment. . Through the \\\”fri\\\” and \\\”day\\\” relief top of \\\”Fri\\\” and \\\”day\\\” embossed top, only a more subtle accent is next to the inner tongue text wall and possible insole graphics.

Soulland X Nike Sb Blazer Mid \\\” 03\\\” Offers

According to the latest news, this SB Blazer\’s shoe will be officially released on November 22, However, since Soulland is Japan\’s tide card, the sale of the joint shoes seems to be sold in China, and the location of the sale is Europe and Japan, and interested partners can only pass the way from Haitao, but small partners. We can pay attention to us, after which all the sale of this pair of shoes will be announced in the first time.

Soulland X Nike Sb Blazer Mid \\\” 03\\\”

Release date: November 22, 2019

Nike SB Blazer is serious Fake

1, shoes material discrimination

The materials used by the shoes will definitely differ from the real shoe, which is a very critical Nike Blazer authentic method. Because the price of Shi Shoes selling is except for him to do its own brand advertising and development costs, the shoes themselvesThe material is indeed very expensive, and this fake shoe is absolutely not imitation. The developers of general fake shoes will find the same texture and properties as the material used in the real shoe, but the grade is a lot of materials to act as materials in the real shoe.

2, shoe-type identification

Shoes and fake shoes are also different from the footwear of the shoes and some lines of the lines, because of the real shoes and price shoes, The name is different, and the developer is also different, so the head and the version of the shoes are definitely different from the real shoes. And some lines in the shoes will have many different points for different real shoes and fake shoes because of the version of the version.

3, small detail of shoes Nike

Nike P-6000 Shoes

Blazer true pseudo

There are also differences in true and false in some details of shoes. For example, PHYLON, you can carefully observe that there will be a few bullets that have a few bones of the shoes, although there is a small lap, there will be a few in the middle of the middle. So the developer is definitely hope that the smaller the little bit, in order to do not affect the beauty of the shoes, but this is not to make it small. This requires the level of the factory. Be sure to be significantly more than the small points convex from the middle of the real shoes.

Ou Wen 6 Chinese Year Color Spy photos Ou Wen 6 CNY When is it for sale?

The first few days, Xiaobian shared the spy photos of AF1 China\’s year\’s shoes, recently burst a group of shoes about Ou Wen 6 China, and immediately ended in November, new It\’s also coming for a year, then this pair of Owen 6 Chinese year color matching? Have you seen it? Let\’s take a look.

Ou Wen 6 Chinese year color spy photos

Let\’s first

nike backpack

to enjoy this pair of parallel design, the design of the upper, the design is still very China The wind, Swoosh\’s part There is also an embroidery design, and the part of the magic stickers has similar ingots pattern pattern

The whole color design is also very good, black is mainly Blue, green, and purple, make the whole shoes look still still good, Ha

The details of the shoes tongue, let\’s take a look, there is still a show

[123 ]

Ou Wen 6 CNY

Force 1 Nike Shoes


About this Double Owen 6 CNY\’s sale of information is not announced, and Xiaobian is expected to guess will be sold at the end of 19 years. If you like, you can pay more attention to it.

For Owen 6 shoes, whether it is configured or designed, I really like Owen 6, especially Ou Wen 5 For me, I think the color value is more than his performance. .

Owen series China Annual color shoe appreciation

Ou Wen 5 China year, Xiaobian saw the first eye, I feel that this is not coloring with the starry sky, if it is the same, it is the shoes followed by the lace The pattern is changed

Ou Wen 4 China Year, Sole Body is rendered, Nike Swoosh embroidered floral pattern, shoes tongue,

history of nike shoes [123 ] Insole, etc.