Ou text 6MM color cargo volume How many Europeo # 6MOM color is buying

Recently Nike launched an Owen 6MM color, this brand new color is a new color matching to commemorate the mother of Owen. Not only the shoe design is very significant, there is more footsteps of Owen\’s own feet! So what is this incorporating a friend and love? Let\’s take you a look at you! 123] Baby Nike Shoes Girl

Look at it!

Ou Wen 6MM color cargo volume

This Owen 6MM color color in Nike is limited to sale, the Owen\’s sister is demonstrated, the value is indeed excellent, helpless super limited. The red version is limited to 2,006 dollars. The price is $ 200; the black version is 813 pairs of double, the price is $ 300, cream color

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limited 302 pairs, the price is $ 400, the resulting income will donate to different Charity is used for cancer treatment.

Ou Wen 6MOM coloring [where

It is reported that this new color color is currently only available in Snkrroom official website, and likes to go to buy, or find a purchase purchase. The specific purchase method is as follows:

1, purchase, find a reliable purchase, then mail it to you, purchase will earn a certain profit from it.

2, to register the Booth\’s website, run a VISA card, buy it above, but you can also find the transfer company if you buy it directly, transport the company like Zhongtun Overseas available with the United States, Germany, Japan Warehouse; transport China also has various national transport routes.

According to the 6MOM series, there are three color colors in the 6MOM series. The first color shoe is mainly red, which is used in black and white. Red roses are generally filled with hot love.

The second color shoe is mainly based on cream color, in the magic stickers and shoes, respectively, with paradise\’s love and embroidery rose, expresses Owen and sister to far Paradise Mom\’s Love

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The third color color is still the same style design, but this shoe body is dominated by black, selecting red and unloading, distinctive contrast design contains infinite energy! This three new color matching will be available tomorrow. I like to prepare for my friends, don\’t miss it ~