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Zeng Fan Bo injured serious? When did Fan Bo recover

Recently, my country\’s basketball community, Xinxin Zeng Fanbo, was unfortunately injured when he was fighting U19. As the most potent player in China, Zeng Fan Bo\’s basketball career is undoubtedly hoped! However, this injury has made many fans feel very worried, I wish Zeng Fanbo to rehabilitate to return to the venue!

Zeng Fanba injured situation seriously

Zeng Fan blocked fouls in the game, unfortunately injured. In the competition, Zeng Fanbo kicked into the banquet of the district, and the No. 14 of Sichuan is also trying to cover the cover, but his side is just hitting a little, which is actually a normal blocking foul. However, Zeng Fan is very big, and it has been rolling on the ground. It seems that it is difficult to get it, even more than 5 minutes, and finally raised out the ball. At present, I can only wait for the hospital to further shoot.

When Zeng Bo is rehabilitation

At present, Zeng Fan\’s injury is relatively serious, Zeng Fan Bo\’s breakthrough, the air lost balance and fell on the ground. At that time, I held my waist in pain.

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Current Zengfuo has been sent to the local hospital, performing a diagnosis, and is still waiting for the specific piece of film.

Zeng Fanbo is a few stars high school students

Zeng Fanbo is the four-star high school students in the United States, in the 2022th National High School Student Ranking, China Tembard Zeng Bo ranked on the list The 8th place in Florida, ranking 73th, is the closest Chinese player.

There are 16 five-star high school students in the United States, and Zeng Fanbo is the 34th. It can be said that Zengfu\’s talents are crushing Asian players, even now today\’s eight villages in Wizards Big Red.

As a young player in China, Zeng Fan is here

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has been invited from NCAA Gaosa University, and agreed to join the school training.

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