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The ISPA department established by Nike has a very common sense of Technology in September. Recently, Nike\’s ISPA department will bring us two new Nike ISPA JOYRIDE Envelope, many trendy shoes players are very interested in these two new products, and don\’t say much, let\’s make small Cash and let you see it!

It is reported that the two colorful Nike ISPA JOYRIDE Envelope will be officially released on November 27, priced is about $ 195, and there is currently no specific offer information in China. We will continue to pay attention, and we will bring follow-up tracking reports in the first time.

Item No .: BV4584-001 (Black) / BV4584-400 (Blue)

Offering Date: November 27

Offer price: $ 195

Nike ISPA JOYRIDE ENVELOPE Repreter Appreciation

Two color paletts respectively show people with cool black and lake blue color, middle-handed modeling, very science The appearance of theoretically combines speed.

The maximum bright spot is a special design specification of the upper, which can be used in one-piece folding design while both sides can be opened.

Advanced special upper material, one of which is covered with large area of \\u200b\\u200bbreathable, combined with waterproof and breathable function

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, help easily deal with all kinds of wearing surroundings.

The shoe position has a special strap of a non-tear nylon material, which not only protects the role of ankles, but also provides better convenience to wear away.

The mid-bottom is mounted in the center of Joyride. It can be seen before, in the outsole.

NIKE Air MAX 720 ISPA is worth starting?

Let\’s take a look at the Nike ISPA concept: ISPA project\’s purpose is to use Nike to test, \\\”Meng name \\\”Innovative technology and design to solve various challenges in urban life. These challenges are also the same as the artificial environment

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complex and diverse, and Nike ISPA Air Max 720 sports shoes main attack NIKE unprecedented high gas cushion stability – dedicated to a variety of bumps. What kind of \\\”bumps\\\”? Imagine a stroke of a crowded subway car, or on the scene of the carnival party to resist the door of the round. In short, the challenges in urban life have a color, there are thousands of different, and there is a difficult point, and a strong \\\”anti-fall\\\” Air Max makes you easy comfort to thousands of problems, which can be described as \\\”one foot, no fear interference.\\\”

Air Max shoes is like the Oxford Shirt in the US Preparatory School – it is an unable to choose. ISPA Air Max 720 Sneakers also has a pull-up fixture, function similar to the chain nose of the old-fashioned lock – return to the night, you can hang the shoes, glory is alive. Some elements of ISPA Air Max 720 Sneakers are taken from Nike React 87 shoes (all well-known design elements), using the purpose of the air max air cushion is to guide the air cushion displacement, to achieve fastening, stable Painting. The upper is a fine grid

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fabric, ensuring good breathability (this time again confirmed that Air Max is a must-have good choice for the dance …). Overall, the shoe not only provides a solution for some specific daily life problems, but also shows a bold and distinctive future style, which makes people can\’t help but praise.

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