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Yeezy 700S Spy photos Yeezy 700S Offer Information

Scheduling about coconut 700 is still quite a lot, just announced about Yeezy 700 Static will be released on December 29 and a new colorful Yeezy 700 cream white, then the lord is published in social media A brand new shoe Yeezy 700S, then this pair of Yeezy 700s physical map is good? When is YEEZY 700S for sale? Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about Yeezy 700S with Xiaobian of interest.

YEEZY 700S spy photos

Xiaobian first saw the head of the shoe, I thought it was Nike\’s shoes, haha, there is no such thing as Xiaobian, especially like Nike Swoosh\’s logo

The upper is 3M reflective, it is still very cool in the light, the overall color of the shoe looks gray, but the light is very dark, it is not very clear

[ 123] The value of the upper feet is still very good, you can look forward to it together

YEEZY 700S release information

There is currently y

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Eezy 700S release information announced

But Xiaobian feels that this pair of Yeezy 700s still has a period of time

The fastest is to wait until 2019, Xiaoshu Always pay attention to the latest offer information

I like the small partners and Xiaobian to pay attention

Yeezy 700 can wear

First look at the Yeezy 700 shoes Material, anti-fur, mesh, leather, inner layer is a breathable mesh and foam.

This shoe fuse is not very thick, belongs to the middle level

That is always, this double yeezy 7

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00 warmth, If you are in the north, Xiaobian is not recommended

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Southern City\’s small partner winter is not a problem, there is no problem.