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TMAC 1 Magic Jersey Color Offers Adidas TMAC1 Evaluation

McGi\’s classic boots Adidas T-Mac 1 is also very concerned and preference, McDonald\’s \\\”sauce\\\” color

Nike Running Shorts men

Nike Running Shorts Men

is everyone joined, recently The new TMAC 1 magic team jersey is also good, and the color of the shoes has been supported by many small friends. Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian with interesting network.

TMAC 1 Magic Jersey Color Offering Information

The most special place in this pair is behind the cartoon McDi image, the action of the dunk is very image.

In addition, McGrady decorations with the same dunk movement under transhes. Not only coloring classics, the creative design is equally stunning.

There is currently no clear delivery information, and interested small partners can continue to pay attention to our information, we will bring follow-up reports in the first time.

Adidas TMAC1 evaluation

This pair of shoes Lz bought US8, which is a size that LZ has been wearing. Because the shoes are large, LZ has been more thick socks, one is to prevent new shoes from grinding, and the other is to increase the package;

Capital: TMAC1 change I have a little bit, I may get more ZO

Nike Jordan Shoes

om, the above feet feel more blind, the Adiprene + of the front palm is fast

For Adi\’s shoes, Wear-resistant seems to be very good;

In general, the appearance is very handsome, upper, support, wear resistant, for our usual grass outside, exercise, JR, JR

Why is Madi jersey

There are several statements

1. McGrady at high school, attend the Adidas training camp, then the coach followed The strength volleyball colony, McGrady is only ranked 143, and the stubborn McGrady refused to accept this number. After some Nuk

Nike Waffle One Men

, his jersey became 1. [123 ]

2. McGrady wins from a small good job, I have to take the first NO.1 ball nephew.

3. The basketball star of his most admired is \\\”Penny\\\” Hadarwood, Hadarway is also 1, can be willing to be happy with his idol.

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said that McGrady will think of Yao Mai combined with his 35 seconds 13 points, which is the most brilliant 35 seconds of his career, elegant dry pull, evenThrough the technique, sharp breakthroughs, McGrady perfectly demonstrate its own technology, many people like Maddy at that moment, like his temperament and realm.