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AIR MAX 270 dark blue colorful looks good? Nike Air Max 270 Midnight Navy Offers

After connecting the new color of the AIR MAX 270, a new deep blue color AIR MAX 270 has joined this family, and it has to be said that Air Max 270 must be one of Nike this year\’s main shoes, and Still want a shoe, the shoes, the following shoes and friends will go with interesting network Xiaobian to see how this Air Max 270 dark blue color matching.

Air MAX 270 dark blue color color is good

Unlike other 270 series, this Air Max 270 upper and thick atmosphere is a color, while other Air Max 270 They are all patchwork.

This pair of \\\”Midnight Navy\\\” coloring AIR MAX 270 uses a breathable mesh to prepare upper mover streamline design, injecting 270 degrees visible air cushion, combining the 190s Air Max style With the revolutionary AIR cushioning technology, match the dual-density foam, bringing the best comfort to the user.

In particular, this piece of patchwork is perfectly combined with the air cushion and foam, and has to admire the hook.

AIR MAX 270 deep blue color release information

At present, this shoe is priced at $ 150, will be officially launched on February 1, like other shoes, like The small partner remembers paying attention to it and our Q6U.

AIR MAX 270 series

As early as the October, the investor in Portland

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will be unveiled The mysterious veil of the AIR MAX family\’s new member Air Max 270, which uses mesh material to create a shoe body, and then the 270-degree transparent air cushion is the focus.

Its air cushion design is different from the full-palm cushion like Vapormax. This visible rear immersive pad is slowly inflated, that is, the original image

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The balloon is in some way

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points expansion until sufficient gas becomes a huge air cushion. I feel very interesting. The shoe body is designed to maintain a consistent vintage adjustment, and the laser cutting large pore mesh is wrapped in the body.

The first exposed Air Max 270 overall color scheme is based on black-yellow dress, supplemented with a striking orange dotted detail, and there is \\\”AIR2\\\”70 \\\”The words indicate the identity, the biggest highlight is followed by the over-area AIR Max air cushion, and creates a strong visual impact.