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AIR Jordan 4 \\\”Neon\\\” Neon Green Topics Detailed Appreciation AJ4 Neon Green Color Offering Information

Today, Xiaobian took everyone to see the new

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AJ4 shoes, this neon green said that this neon green is already in the past year. According to the photo, now I will usher in the sale. What is the details of this shoe? When is it for sale? Let\’s take a look!

AIR Jordan 4 \\\”Neon\\\” Neon Green Topics Appreciation

Due to adoption of Japan Nike Air Max 95

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\\\”Neon\\\” coloring, now put this classic color matching to Air Jordan 4 shoe, and it is not popular in the beginning of exposure.

The whole double shoe uses different deep shaders of gray flour to create a shoe body, bringing a rich level, making the texture of the whole double shoe showing more advanced results.

Simultaneously, the middle bottom portion is presented with a polishing quality, and further reflects the exquisite of the material materials in material materials.

AJ4 neon green color release information

Details, tongue Jumpman splicing background, lace and post-large area 3M reflective setting, all strive to reproduce Air Max 95 \\\” Detail of Neon. It is reported that the new Air Jordan 4 Se \\\”Neon\\\” will be officially released on March 21, priced at $ 225, interested friends may wish to add more item number CT5342-007, we will continue to pay attention, and bring follow-up in the first time Track reports.

[Neon \\\”

NP number: CT5342-007

Offering date: March 21

Offers Price: $ 225 [ 123]

Can AJ4 run?

Because there is no exercise foundation, wearing aj4 jogging to get rid of two weeks, almost ran a one, average 5km a day. Then raining stopped outdoors, changed in the room to do oxygen. It was found that there was a little pain on the left knee. When stretched, it was like there was a gluten in the pain

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Neon is bright, with thin neon or Other rare gas energized glass tubes or bulbs are a cold cathode gas discharge lamp. Neon tube is a sealed glass tube with electrodes at both ends, wherein

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filled some low gas pressure gases. A few thousand voltsThe voltage is applied to the electrode, and the gas in the ionization tube makes it emitted.The color of the light depends on the gas in the tube.The neon light is transliterated with Neon Light. This rare gas will give a popular orange red light, but other gases will produce other colors, such as hydrogen (red), helium (pink), carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide).White), mercury vapor (blue), etc.

AJ13 Fire Stone Red Offering AJ13 Fire Stone Red How to Clear Care

AJ13 panda color makes many small friends understand and likes AJ13. Recently Nike launched a new AJ13 rock color, then how is this new color match? Whether it is worth you? How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you, let\’s take a look at it!

AJ13 Fire Stone Red Offer

This new color shoe is mainly red, if you carefully observe, you can find that this coloring and previous Nike launched GIGI color colors, the difference is that the blue areas on the original upper are changed to red, with white litchi leather shoes and gray suede extends to the midsole. At present, this new color match has not yet released the specific release information. If you like, your friends may wish to pay attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

Item No .: 414571-600

Spring sale Date: Spring 2021

Offers: $ 190

[ 123]

AJ13 flame red is worth starting?

AJ13 rhodes red color matching is still quite worth starting, this new color color is still very resistant, if it is within the scope of its own economic ability, Still it is quite worth it! Sometimes time is also a cost, and the AJ market, the mystery is the same, no one can say that the rise is still falling. In touch with you like this colorful friend, you can indeed consider it!

AJ13 How to clean and maintain

AJ13 flame red does not recommend water washing, it is recommended to use professional

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shoes cleaning, use Professional shoes cleaning can not only clean the shoes, but also very labor-saving and labor-saving, after the cleaning is complete


to wipe it with a clean rag, then wrap the paper towel to dry

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. In addition, if the shoes are not very dirty, you can use the suede eraser to wipe the suede portion, and use the wipes to wipe the lychee leather portion, so it is conducive to the shoe to keep it clean. In addition, don\’t worry, remember to put the shoes in the storage box.