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AJ32 White Gold Color How much Air Jordan 32 \\\”Pure Platinum\\\” Platinum Color This Month is released

2017 AJ32 series, can be said to be one of the hottest baskets of basketball shoes, wanting AJ33 before, it still

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will be the mainstream shoes of AJ, recently, Nike again Released a new colorful platinum Air Jordan 32 \\\”Pure Platinum\\\”, is there interesting for shoes and fans? Come with interesting network Xiaobian to see how this pair of AJ32 Platinum is.

AJ32 Platinum color matching?

It can be seen that this pair of white gold color is solid, including the flying people logo, but this color is really good to act. . .

In design, the upper from the head to the end with pure white, creating a simple and descent, and betterly convex the weft texture details, only silver Jumpman logo and followback Fixed the contrast, and finally equipped with the bottom of the ice blue crystal.

AJ32 Platinum Color Offering Information

It is reported that this double gold A

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J32 will debut in January, the price is $ 185 , Like small partners can continue to pay attention to the latest news of the Baptist Q6U.

Pure Platinum

Color: Pure Platinum / ICO: AA1253-007 Off date: January 2018 Price: $ 185

AIR Jordan 32 series

From the configuration, Air Jordan XXX2 can be called the top of the top world! Front and back Flyknit woven in the degree yarn, followed by the large-scale TPU stabilization block and the brightening crystal of the newly streptn! AJ32 shoes equipped with the Jordan Series exclusive Flyknit structure and FLightSpeed \\u200b\\u200btechnology, will be designed from Air Jordan 2 Elements are integrated with modern high-performance innovation technological, which is designed to designed essentials, but its slow-ranking system is far from the past basketball shoes.

The middle is Flight Speed \\u200b\\u200b+ front and rear separation zoom air cushion + footbown support plate. The Flight Speed \\u200b\\u200bused, the football position is added

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thick and the triangular structure is used to increase stability. The feedback brought by ZOOM before and after.

Sole on both sides of the body like Flywire\’s strip hole, which is connected to the lace, which is why 32 laces are not easy to disassemble.However, if the loose laces can be loose, because the lace is fixed in the shoe hole with glue, it can be loose or tight, you can adjust it with confidence.