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NIKE DUNK SB \\\”Diamond\\\” joint sale information Diamond Supply Co. X Dunk SB physical appreciation

Nike Dunk SB is a very popular skateboard series, and simple fresh style is sought after by many people. Recently, a Nike Dunk SB is published. This \\\”diamond\\\” joint section is full, let us enjoy the physical map of Diamond Supply Co. X Dunk SB, this Nike Dunk SB \\\”Diamond\\\” jointly launched Woolen cloth?

Nike Dunk SB \\\”Diamond\\\” joint physical map

Diamond x dunk sb iconic crocodile

Nike Shoes Drip

Trilled leather is very textured With the metal lace head, with time-to-open hook elements, the silver swoosh is very conspicuous, really seems to be a lot of diamonds.

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The following is a classic \\\”Tiffany\\\”

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

Green, making the entire LOGO very stereo feel.

Simple color, but gives people noble texture, a \\\”not simple\\\” breath comes, Xiaobian personal sees this shoe, I feel completely unfolded. !

\\\”Tiffany\\\” green embroidery is also extraordinary, with unique distinguished atmosphere.

Nike Dunk SB \\\”Diamond\\\” jointly for sale

At present, the official has not released the specific release information, but Xiaobian guess should be Recently released.

This new design \\\”diamond\\\” jointly believes that everyone is in a quite expectant! We will also pay close attention to the movement of this Fair, and more interesting friends pay more attention!