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Air Max 270 Blue White Flyknit Spider Air Max 270 New Flyknit Items

Most Nike Shoes should already know that AIR MAX 270, which launched and vigorously promoted Nike in 2018, will be released on February 1, recently, online exposure has exposed a new version of Air Max 270, use Flyknit User Air Max 270, do you like it? Let\’s take a look at this Air Max 270 Blue White Flyknit version spy photos.

AIR MAX 270 Blue White Flyknit Spider

Blue-white color of blue white color of the technology using Flyknit, not only technical differences, even Swoosh has changed, including next to \\\” Jiv \\\”Size, the eyes of the shoes are found out?

Take the style of the 190s Air Max style and revolutionary AIR cocktick technology to show the first Air

Nike Shoes X designed for all-day comfort. Off White

MAX, has a 270-degree visible air cushion, reforms the breathable mesh woven upper to a gas permeability and comfortable Flyknit upper, with a double-density foam in front, believes in comfort and Trend sense

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further enhanced.

AIR MAX 270 Blue White Flyknit Offering Information

There is currently no Nike Air Max 270Flyknit version of sale, interested friends, please continue to pay attention to our Q6U latest news.

Flyknit is technology

Flyknit is a revolutionary technology that is about running. Drawing on athletes, this pioneering technology makes running shoes like socks, and more bonded to feet, so that the players will not feel the weight on the foot after running. Its patented technology is based on Nike\’s series of accurate foot type angiographic data and years of testing. From the perspective of the engineering structure, improve the support of the foot pressure, and improve the air having a high breathable demand Passing rate.

Flyknit uses the shoe to reduce raw material loss, which meets Nike Bet

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Ter World\’s environmental protection concept, two games. No suture is used, reducing the friction zone, reflecting the high of tall technology.

Flyknit is a root line, which is not a line. Nike also explicitly said that the line of Flyknit is a polyester yarn. The so-called polyester yarn is a linear material made of polyester. PolyesterThe advantage is obvious, the elasticity is good, very wear, and it is also very intensity.Disadvantages are poor breathable.On sneakers, if the upper is elastic, it is resistant, it is also very strong, this is a good material, the sneakers are most afraid of breathable, how to break?OK – make a corcomer!The interleaving of the line and the line naturally forms a breathable hole.