January 2022

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Chicago Color Spy photos Appreciation Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Chicago Chicago Offers

Chicago seems to have a fate of Nike, in the AJ1, Air Force No. 1 and many other shoes have a shadow of Chicago theme, today\’s Nike\’s most novel automatic lace shoes, This time

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is the second generation version, which is a Chicago theme, interested friends come to see the network!

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Chicago Color Spy photos Appreciation

In the All-Star Weekend Nova Challenge, Memphis Grizzlies Love JA Morant laughed on the court, which is highly affected by the inheritance of the Windy City Bulls.

Its most of its structures are immersed in bright red, and their socks and digitized Swoosh logo are also accompanied by black embellishments, with the nearest \\\”tie\\\”. Comparison, more beautiful.

Just get a pair, almost the same process and requires players to take risks into the NBA 2K20 community and find virtual Adapt BB 2.0 \\\”Chicago\\\” billboards to release the opportunity to release the purchase authority. .

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Chicago Chicago Offers

March 14th is the first day of players to try luck, so please prepare the controller this weekend.

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 \\\”ChicaGo\\\” GE Offer Date: March 14, 2020, priced at $ 400, style number: BQ5397-900

Adapt BB 2.0 How is the configuration

It is basically the same, the difference is not very big, but the small partner thinks that Adapt BB2 is more intense than the slightly rounded front. . In terms of science and technology, it has retained Cushlo

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, while joining the main Zoom Turbo air cushion in recent years.

Related news

After Nike plans to launch smart high-top shoes similar to the Science Fiction Movie \\\”Return to Future II\\\”, Germany has also begun Committed to the development of automatic belt shoes. According to the British \\\”Mirror\\\” on January 15th, Germany\’s researchers developed an automatic belt shoes. Put on this shoe, stepping on the sensor placed in the shoe, the small motor in the sole will work, and the lace is tight.

When taking off the shoes, two shoes are pulled twice, touch the \\\”multi-Roluxi\\\” sensor, shoes, and shoes.The tongue will release the spring to loosen the shoe, so that you take off your shoes.

Compared to Nike\’s upcoming smart Macquarie high-tech, German researchers designed automatic strap shoes are more displayed \\\”High

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Large \\\”, this shoe can generate energy without charging.Inside the footwear, the energy collection system can be converted to electricity.

Adidas SuperStar two newly deconstructed color release sales adidas superstar shoes code normal?

Nike Shoes for Men On Sale

, Adidas launched two Adidas SuperStar new deconstruction color. These two new colors are tone in black and white, and there are two different deconstruction styles. How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!

Adidas SuperStar two new deconstruction colors real appreciation

J Balvin Nike Shoes

is the 50th anniversary of Shell Head Adidas SuperStar, super new products Sales, there is no shortage of refreshing design. Recently, two unstopchabable SUPERSTAR new products debut.

One of them is ash, white two colors as the main base, and the outer layer of the shoe body is above the suede of the inner upper surface.

The other pair is reverse deconstruction, the white outer layer is the main body, and the shoe is exposed to gray inner. After the patch, the shoes will help the whole double shoe temperament look very advanced.

Adidas SuperStar two new deconstruction color release

It is reported that this new color match has been released overseas, and the specific release information has not been released in China. Like friends may wish to pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

Item No.

Item No .: FV3023

[ 123] Is Adidas Superstar Shoes Code Normal?

Adidas Clover SuperStar Series Shoes Codes Size half size, so like small friends can buy a small number of codes appropriately.

Adidas Clover LOGO

Many people think that the symbol of Adidas clover is representative of a blooming flower because of the prototypes, representing the spirit of the Olympic Games. It is also the \\\”higher, faster, stronger\\\” in the goal of the world \’s athletes. However, in fact, Adidas Shamdia Symbol is originally representative of three mainland sectors – its shape is like a three-dimensional plane of the earth, which is very similar to the world map, symbolizing the exercise power of the world. At the same time

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, this flag also symbolizes the founder of Adidas brand Adi Dasler in three sneakersRipple.

TMAC 1 Magic Jersey Color Offers Adidas TMAC1 Evaluation

McGi\’s classic boots Adidas T-Mac 1 is also very concerned and preference, McDonald\’s \\\”sauce\\\” color

Nike Running Shorts men

Nike Running Shorts Men

is everyone joined, recently The new TMAC 1 magic team jersey is also good, and the color of the shoes has been supported by many small friends. Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian with interesting network.

TMAC 1 Magic Jersey Color Offering Information

The most special place in this pair is behind the cartoon McDi image, the action of the dunk is very image.

In addition, McGrady decorations with the same dunk movement under transhes. Not only coloring classics, the creative design is equally stunning.

There is currently no clear delivery information, and interested small partners can continue to pay attention to our information, we will bring follow-up reports in the first time.

Adidas TMAC1 evaluation

This pair of shoes Lz bought US8, which is a size that LZ has been wearing. Because the shoes are large, LZ has been more thick socks, one is to prevent new shoes from grinding, and the other is to increase the package;

Capital: TMAC1 change I have a little bit, I may get more ZO

Nike Jordan Shoes

om, the above feet feel more blind, the Adiprene + of the front palm is fast

For Adi\’s shoes, Wear-resistant seems to be very good;

In general, the appearance is very handsome, upper, support, wear resistant, for our usual grass outside, exercise, JR, JR

Why is Madi jersey

There are several statements

1. McGrady at high school, attend the Adidas training camp, then the coach followed The strength volleyball colony, McGrady is only ranked 143, and the stubborn McGrady refused to accept this number. After some Nuk

Nike Waffle One Men

, his jersey became 1. [123 ]

2. McGrady wins from a small good job, I have to take the first NO.1 ball nephew.

3. The basketball star of his most admired is \\\”Penny\\\” Hadarwood, Hadarway is also 1, can be willing to be happy with his idol.

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said that McGrady will think of Yao Mai combined with his 35 seconds 13 points, which is the most brilliant 35 seconds of his career, elegant dry pull, evenThrough the technique, sharp breakthroughs, McGrady perfectly demonstrate its own technology, many people like Maddy at that moment, like his temperament and realm.

Curry 7 Pi DA Offer Information Curry 7 and Pg4 which is good

Remember that Curry 5 \\\”π day\\\” coloring shoes, immediately go to March 14, which is the birthday of Curry, this day there is a special name, called \\\”π day\\\” is also \\\”Pi Day\\\”, Andema sold this double library 7 pi Da color shoes, let\’s take a look.

Curi 7 Pi DA delivery information

This pair of shoes are blue in blueprint, transform the body of the body as a sock set design, a pedal structure Several high street style textures.

The simple structure of black and white is very close to the meticulous mathematics festival of \\\”π day\\\”.

It is reported that this pair will be available on March 14th, priced at $ 140, and interested small partners can search for Haitao search.

UA Curry 7 \\\”Pi Day\\\” PE

Offers: March 14

Offers: $ 140

Kuri 7 and PG4 which Good

The first thing to introduce is the PG4 generation. This model says that most of the small partners feel like a running shoes, the value gives the human feeling, and the upper mesh material attached zipper System, inner hidden lace design, the inside of the shoe uses large area of \\u200b\\u200blarge mesh design, a breathable performance, but it is a bit cheap, the middle and bottom, it is said to use the AIR Sole air cushion of the full hand, except Other than SOLE, the ultra-thick mid-bottom eye test will be very soft

Let\’s see the 7th generation of the lower library, the 6th generation of the library used HOVR cushioning materials for the first time, it is the 6th generation of the library Finally got rid of the 1-5 generation board brick, to the CURRY 7 generation equipped with double slowing technology, the appearance of the value is OK, it is a bit like the library bark shoes three generations, Zero 3 generation, the 7th generation of the library is high The footwear, the sound of the sports car, the center is surrounded by a circle of TPU design, and it is also a beautiful embellishment under the premise of function. It uses conventional materials and patches, grasping the land and 6 generations of 6 generations.

Which two pairs of shoes are good? Everyone choices according to their needs.

Curi 7 men\’s models and big children are what is

Nike Air Jordans


The men\’s size range is larger, minimum

Nike Sunglasses for Men

Size is 40 yards, the maximum is 46 yards. As for the big children\’s models, the size is 39 yards, there is no big size. So distinguish between size

related new

Today NBA official announced the suspension of the 2019-20 season, when the League continued to see

womens Nike Shoes

The future of the future epidemic.

Warriors After Stervan – Curre, I also published my own opinion on Twitter and venting my emotions.

\\\”2020 should not be the case, it feels more difficult than now … Everyone takes care of themselves and people. Basketball will return to a certain day in the future, but in thatBefore, protect yourself, nothing, don\’t go out! \\\”

AIR Jordan 4 \\\”Neon\\\” Neon Green Topics Detailed Appreciation AJ4 Neon Green Color Offering Information

Today, Xiaobian took everyone to see the new

nike ball shuary

AJ4 shoes, this neon green said that this neon green is already in the past year. According to the photo, now I will usher in the sale. What is the details of this shoe? When is it for sale? Let\’s take a look!

AIR Jordan 4 \\\”Neon\\\” Neon Green Topics Appreciation

Due to adoption of Japan Nike Air Max 95

Nike Basketball Backpack

\\\”Neon\\\” coloring, now put this classic color matching to Air Jordan 4 shoe, and it is not popular in the beginning of exposure.

The whole double shoe uses different deep shaders of gray flour to create a shoe body, bringing a rich level, making the texture of the whole double shoe showing more advanced results.

Simultaneously, the middle bottom portion is presented with a polishing quality, and further reflects the exquisite of the material materials in material materials.

AJ4 neon green color release information

Details, tongue Jumpman splicing background, lace and post-large area 3M reflective setting, all strive to reproduce Air Max 95 \\\” Detail of Neon. It is reported that the new Air Jordan 4 Se \\\”Neon\\\” will be officially released on March 21, priced at $ 225, interested friends may wish to add more item number CT5342-007, we will continue to pay attention, and bring follow-up in the first time Track reports.

[Neon \\\”

NP number: CT5342-007

Offering date: March 21

Offers Price: $ 225 [ 123]

Can AJ4 run?

Because there is no exercise foundation, wearing aj4 jogging to get rid of two weeks, almost ran a one, average 5km a day. Then raining stopped outdoors, changed in the room to do oxygen. It was found that there was a little pain on the left knee. When stretched, it was like there was a gluten in the pain

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Neon is bright, with thin neon or Other rare gas energized glass tubes or bulbs are a cold cathode gas discharge lamp. Neon tube is a sealed glass tube with electrodes at both ends, wherein

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filled some low gas pressure gases. A few thousand voltsThe voltage is applied to the electrode, and the gas in the ionization tube makes it emitted.The color of the light depends on the gas in the tube.The neon light is transliterated with Neon Light. This rare gas will give a popular orange red light, but other gases will produce other colors, such as hydrogen (red), helium (pink), carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide).White), mercury vapor (blue), etc.

AJ13 Fire Stone Red Offering AJ13 Fire Stone Red How to Clear Care

AJ13 panda color makes many small friends understand and likes AJ13. Recently Nike launched a new AJ13 rock color, then how is this new color match? Whether it is worth you? How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you, let\’s take a look at it!

AJ13 Fire Stone Red Offer

This new color shoe is mainly red, if you carefully observe, you can find that this coloring and previous Nike launched GIGI color colors, the difference is that the blue areas on the original upper are changed to red, with white litchi leather shoes and gray suede extends to the midsole. At present, this new color match has not yet released the specific release information. If you like, your friends may wish to pay attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

Item No .: 414571-600

Spring sale Date: Spring 2021

Offers: $ 190

[ 123]

AJ13 flame red is worth starting?

AJ13 rhodes red color matching is still quite worth starting, this new color color is still very resistant, if it is within the scope of its own economic ability, Still it is quite worth it! Sometimes time is also a cost, and the AJ market, the mystery is the same, no one can say that the rise is still falling. In touch with you like this colorful friend, you can indeed consider it!

AJ13 How to clean and maintain

AJ13 flame red does not recommend water washing, it is recommended to use professional

Grey Nike Hoodie

shoes cleaning, use Professional shoes cleaning can not only clean the shoes, but also very labor-saving and labor-saving, after the cleaning is complete


to wipe it with a clean rag, then wrap the paper towel to dry

Mens Nike shorts

. In addition, if the shoes are not very dirty, you can use the suede eraser to wipe the suede portion, and use the wipes to wipe the lychee leather portion, so it is conducive to the shoe to keep it clean. In addition, don\’t worry, remember to put the shoes in the storage box.

Dunk SB White Zi color returns return DUNK SB white purple color matching is worth starting?

This year can be said to be a proper Nike Dunk year, Nike launched Dunk SB series coloring can be said to be a hot shoe circle, hot net, all the stars have met

Dart 9 Nike Shoes

feet interpretation. This time Nike is about to usher in a classic Dunk SB white violet return, how is the specific situation, let Xiaobian lead everyone to see it!

Dunk SB Whitzer Color Replica Return

This classic color shoe is tie with white for white, and the tongue tongue is yellow

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Colored, with purple shoes, there is a feeling of some lakes. It is reported that the color of this well is the 1999 Dunk High \\\”City Attack\\\” set in the Kingdom design, which will be sold on December 3, priced at $ 120, but it is important to be like this color matching. Only WMNS women are exclusive, men\’s shoes may not have. Like friends may wish to pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention

Nike Shoes in Store


Nike Dunk High WMNS \\\”VARSITY PURPLE\\\”

Item No. DC5382-100

Offer Date: December 3

Offers: $ 120 [ 123]

DUNK SB Whitzo color color is worth starting

Of course it is worth starting, this white purple Dunk SB sketch is still very resistant, it looks very fashionable . However, because this year Nike Dunk SB shoes are very hot, I don\’t know how this market price is, it is a powerful consumption ~

Dunk SB Whitzer color color Cleaning

Do not wash, don\’t wash Dunk, otherwise the shoe will be washed. Xiaobian recommends that you use professional shoes cleaner cleaning, cleaner brush, brush, brush, brush. After the cleaning is completed, use a clean towel to wipe it, wrap the paper towel to put it on the cool and ventilated wind.

Ou text 6MM color cargo volume How many Europeo # 6MOM color is buying

Recently Nike launched an Owen 6MM color, this brand new color is a new color matching to commemorate the mother of Owen. Not only the shoe design is very significant, there is more footsteps of Owen\’s own feet! So what is this incorporating a friend and love? Let\’s take you a look at you! 123] Baby Nike Shoes Girl

Look at it!

Ou Wen 6MM color cargo volume

This Owen 6MM color color in Nike is limited to sale, the Owen\’s sister is demonstrated, the value is indeed excellent, helpless super limited. The red version is limited to 2,006 dollars. The price is $ 200; the black version is 813 pairs of double, the price is $ 300, cream color

Mens shoes nike

limited 302 pairs, the price is $ 400, the resulting income will donate to different Charity is used for cancer treatment.

Ou Wen 6MOM coloring [where

It is reported that this new color color is currently only available in Snkrroom official website, and likes to go to buy, or find a purchase purchase. The specific purchase method is as follows:

1, purchase, find a reliable purchase, then mail it to you, purchase will earn a certain profit from it.

2, to register the Booth\’s website, run a VISA card, buy it above, but you can also find the transfer company if you buy it directly, transport the company like Zhongtun Overseas available with the United States, Germany, Japan Warehouse; transport China also has various national transport routes.

According to the 6MOM series, there are three color colors in the 6MOM series. The first color shoe is mainly red, which is used in black and white. Red roses are generally filled with hot love.

The second color shoe is mainly based on cream color, in the magic stickers and shoes, respectively, with paradise\’s love and embroidery rose, expresses Owen and sister to far Paradise Mom\’s Love

Nike Shoes Dunks


The third color color is still the same style design, but this shoe body is dominated by black, selecting red and unloading, distinctive contrast design contains infinite energy! This three new color matching will be available tomorrow. I like to prepare for my friends, don\’t miss it ~

361 carbon board running shoes spy photos exposure 361 running shoes how

The domestic running shoes currently develops a lot, not only Li Ning, Anta, Peak, Hongxing, has launched a new running shoes, recently 361 carbon bolts running shoes spy photos are also exposed to the network. So what about the new carbon bolts running in 361

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? Let\’s take you a look at you!

361 Carbon Board running shoes spy photos exposure

Recently opened a new carbon bolt running shoes, this new sports shoes are mainly orange and black Nike Shoes Air Max 720

Patients, and the upper foot effect is also very good. At present, this new color has not yet released the specific release information. The friends who like the friends may wish to pay more attention, and Xiaobian will continue to pay attention to everyone

Nike Tights Women

More consultation!

361 how to run shoes

361 running shoes is quite good, not only look good, but the quality and running performance is quite good, the focus is that he is not expensive, ordinary The citizens can bear. The words running shoes are very light, very comfortable. When we are more and more Chinese manufacturing and high quality, we have long, we should abandon the \\\”colored glasses\\\” wearing the past to see domestic sports brand products, 361 ° international line for many years. Professional running shoes may be the most suitable for Chinese people!

361 How many kilometers can be running in running shoes

361 running shoes can usually run 400 to 800 kilometers, or very good in domestic shoes rankings, quality and Li Ning How much difference. 361 shoes are very comfortable, 361 shoes are better in the famous national brand, the price is reasonable, it is better in China\’s sports brand, large, reliable.

Zeng Fan Bo injured serious? When did Fan Bo recover

Recently, my country\’s basketball community, Xinxin Zeng Fanbo, was unfortunately injured when he was fighting U19. As the most potent player in China, Zeng Fan Bo\’s basketball career is undoubtedly hoped! However, this injury has made many fans feel very worried, I wish Zeng Fanbo to rehabilitate to return to the venue!

Zeng Fanba injured situation seriously

Zeng Fan blocked fouls in the game, unfortunately injured. In the competition, Zeng Fanbo kicked into the banquet of the district, and the No. 14 of Sichuan is also trying to cover the cover, but his side is just hitting a little, which is actually a normal blocking foul. However, Zeng Fan is very big, and it has been rolling on the ground. It seems that it is difficult to get it, even more than 5 minutes, and finally raised out the ball. At present, I can only wait for the hospital to further shoot.

When Zeng Bo is rehabilitation

At present, Zeng Fan\’s injury is relatively serious, Zeng Fan Bo\’s breakthrough, the air lost balance and fell on the ground. At that time, I held my waist in pain.

Nike Bucket Hat

Current Zengfuo has been sent to the local hospital, performing a diagnosis, and is still waiting for the specific piece of film.

Zeng Fanbo is a few stars high school students

Zeng Fanbo is the four-star high school students in the United States, in the 2022th National High School Student Ranking, China Tembard Zeng Bo ranked on the list The 8th place in Florida, ranking 73th, is the closest Chinese player.

There are 16 five-star high school students in the United States, and Zeng Fanbo is the 34th. It can be said that Zengfu\’s talents are crushing Asian players, even now today\’s eight villages in Wizards Big Red.

As a young player in China, Zeng Fan is here

Nike P-6000 Shoes

has been invited from NCAA Gaosa University, and agreed to join the school training.

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