Brillipower Imr18500 1200Mah 20A best smok vape 2021

Brillipower Imr18500 1200Mah 20A best smok vape 2021
Model: bXErg5
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Product Details

This is the newest IMR18500 high-drain battery. It has a 20A higher discharge rate, 1200MAH higher capacity, and a new design for electronic cigarettes. Enjoy the quality of this battery today.

1.0 Nominal Specifications 
Item Specification 
Model IMR18500
Nominal Capacity(0.2CA)1200 mAh
Nominal Voltage3.70V
Charging Voltage 4.2V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage2.75V
Max. Charge Current1 CA
Max. Discharge Current20A
Cell Dimension Diameter 18.3±0.2 mm
Height 49.8±0.2 mm
Cell Weight(Approx.)32g
Initial internal impedance Max, at 1000Hz.)≤15 mΩ    (Charged)
Charging Current
Rapid charge0.5 CA×4hrs
Standard charge0.2 CA×8hrs.
Operating Temperature  Charge 0℃~60℃(32oF~113oF)