Dunk SB White Zi color returns return DUNK SB white purple color matching is worth starting?

This year can be said to be a proper Nike Dunk year, Nike launched Dunk SB series coloring can be said to be a hot shoe circle, hot net, all the stars have met

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feet interpretation. This time Nike is about to usher in a classic Dunk SB white violet return, how is the specific situation, let Xiaobian lead everyone to see it!

Dunk SB Whitzer Color Replica Return

This classic color shoe is tie with white for white, and the tongue tongue is yellow

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Colored, with purple shoes, there is a feeling of some lakes. It is reported that the color of this well is the 1999 Dunk High \\\”City Attack\\\” set in the Kingdom design, which will be sold on December 3, priced at $ 120, but it is important to be like this color matching. Only WMNS women are exclusive, men\’s shoes may not have. Like friends may wish to pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention

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Nike Dunk High WMNS \\\”VARSITY PURPLE\\\”

Item No. DC5382-100

Offer Date: December 3

Offers: $ 120 [ 123]

DUNK SB Whitzo color color is worth starting

Of course it is worth starting, this white purple Dunk SB sketch is still very resistant, it looks very fashionable . However, because this year Nike Dunk SB shoes are very hot, I don\’t know how this market price is, it is a powerful consumption ~

Dunk SB Whitzer color color Cleaning

Do not wash, don\’t wash Dunk, otherwise the shoe will be washed. Xiaobian recommends that you use professional shoes cleaner cleaning, cleaner brush, brush, brush, brush. After the cleaning is completed, use a clean towel to wipe it, wrap the paper towel to put it on the cool and ventilated wind.