Nike AF1 low help brown spy photos share NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”TAN\\\” Good-looking?

As one of Nike\’s most famous shoes, how can I don\’t have new color? Recently, the Internet exposed a new brown AF1 LOW spy photos, no accident, this should be one of this year\’s AF1 series, what is the shoes that the shoes farewell? Little edging together with fun

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Take a look.

Nike AF1 low-top brown spy photos

The shape is not changed, still the whole leather upper, the upper foot effect should be quite good, Xiaobian feels that this color seems to be easy Have no.

Different from the previous NIKELAB version, this new model did not use white midsole, but the overall \\\”TAN\\\” color material to form comparison, and Big Swoosh is also The textured cortex was used.

NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”TAN\\\” release information

Currently, this NIKE AF1 brown sale information has not yet been out, interested in shoes, can continue to pay attention to our Q6U latest news.

Nike AF1 series

Since the birth of 1982, since the first pair of AF1 \\\”ban\\\”, Since 1982, the \\\”first six people\\\” professional basketball players were selected in 1982. As the spokesperson of Air Force, they took off from the track on this classic poster, successfully flying over

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Basketball and culture, starting from this moment, basketball is no longer defined before Basketball. Because of this, this photo of \\\”The initial six people\\\” in Bruce Kilgore said a different relationship between the brand and basketball players, this relationship

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Target the demand for athletes.

Macro, durable, transcendence, hero, coherent, and pure, these qualities are injected into the \\\”first six people\\\” Air Force 1 series. Each word is a technical level, requiring real design and innovation to create superior performance.

If Nike creates Air Force 1. Today, Air Force is no longer single to Nike, Instead, it became a symbol of the whole ball of shoes. Today, Air Force 1 is the most perfect interpretation of retro these words. The designers have new color and patterns to the AIR Force 1 into the newsoul.He has become an essential shoe wearing a young American daily.

Even in China, the trend of Air Force 1 is equally prosperous.Many young people will have a pair of Air Force1, because this is a self-style showing that when Hip-Hop has swept the world, Air Force 1 naturally has an essential equivalent.The shoes culture led by Air Force 1 also makes many people to be drunk.