SNS X AJ1 MID joint sale price SNS X AJ1 MID where to buy

Sneakersnstuff in Swedish Bark Shoes in the Sneakers is willing to welcome the 20th anniversary of opening. In order to commemorate the multi-year relationship between SNS and Jordan Brand, both sides will work together to create a special SNS X Air Jordan 1 MID \\\”20th Anniversary\\\” jointly. Now Xiaobian takes everyone to look at this shoe.

SNS X Air Jordan 1 MID \\\”20th Anniversary\\\” released goods and price

Release date: 2019 holiday

Release price: 1999 yuan

It is reported that Sneakersnstuff X Air Jordan 1 MID \\\”20 weeks

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year\\\” will be exclusive during the holidays, and friends who want to start may have to think about it. The volume is very rare, and it is not so easy to start.

SNS X Air Jordan 1 MID \\\”20th Anniversary\\\” Classic Appreciation

The whole double shoes are spliced \\u200b\\u200bwith gray red three-color, white high quality leather, gray suede The combination of the red shoes, exhibits simplicity of eye-catching and style. Red outline flying wings sign with hanging Sneakersnstuff tag, very identified, highlighting this pair of shoes.

Where is the 20th anniversary of SNS X Air Jordan 1 MID?

For some people who have just contacted the ball shoe, they are very interesting to all kinds of ball shoes

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, they often have a question of shoes

g Dragon Nike Shoes Price Philippines [ 123] Where to buy more cost-effective, Xiaobian believes that the shoes are best to be confident, the price is relatively low and the genuine is guaranteed, and the small partners who are interested in this shoes pay more attention to the official news, we will also Continuous follow-up!