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Women\’s AJ12 Grape Zimei Color Offers AJ12 GS Desert Sand Instrument

AJ12 has always been a style that girls like, recently a new AIR Jordan GS Desert Sand entered our vision. The appearance of Bai Ziyan makes people feel a little \\\”wicked\\\” flavor. So when is AJ12 grape purple color color? Come with Xiaobian to meet this pair of AJ12 GS Desert Sand!

AJ12 Desert Sand White Zi color appearance

The shoe is made of leather material, and the color of the color is used in white and purple. Match, and a very popular all-in-one wallet style is something like.

Purple Leather

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is equipped with a special pattern, giving people a little like scales.

Lace buckle is a purple metal buckle, and the electroplating color is not easily faded even if there is friction. Very eye-catching.

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12 Desert Sand Who Zi for sale

AJ12 Desert Sand has always been a very good shoe shape, and AJ12 is also After experiencing the release of multiple replica.

The wicked purple color AJ12 Desert Sand officially launched on November 17, priced at $ 140.

Interested friends pay more attention!


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GS \\\”desert Sand\\\”

Item No .: 510815-001

Offering date : November 17

Offer price: $ 140