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When is AJ8 Valentine\’s Day to sell AJ8 Valentine\’s Day?

It\’s a Valentine\’s Day, I don\’t know if you have a gift of your boyfriend / girlfriend? If there is no pick, this pair of Valentine\’s Day a

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J8 may become a good choice! At present, the AJ8 Valentine\’s Day is only exposed a spy photos, and the specific price is unknown, but will be released on the day of Valentine\’s Day. Do you not expect it?

AJ8 Valentine\’s Day?

A pair of Air Jordan 8 Valentine\’s Day exclusive color in INS exposure – Flunct big red, shoes side pink camouflage detail, not a bit of eye-catching, this is certain Let each sneakerhand walk away! Isn\’t this a lady who is the best to kill your boyfriend? Even if you play a rack, you have to win you!

How much is the AJ8 Valentine\’s Day

At present, the official does not send


Cloth related commercial information about the shoe, but is expected It will be released before 14 this year,

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The price is $ 190. Don\’t miss it!

AJ8 Valentine\’s Day is worth buying

Valentine\’s Day is approaching, many small sisters have to have a romantic night with boyfriend. Every time you go out, your boyfriend you love shoes is afraid that others will step on him, buy double new shoes to tell you five hundred times, in fact, you have already been huh, you have a good thing? Not looking at it at all! So this Valentine\’s Day, Xiaobian brought you a pair of Air Jordan 8, winning your own sneakerhand boyfriend!

This seems very value!

AJ11 black red parent-child shoes sale Air Jordan 11 \\\”BRED\\\” where to buy

Air Jordan 11 \\\”BRED\\\” is a generation of classic color shoes, many players look forward to the reissue of AJ11 black color colors. This small series gets this classic original color matching on December 14 in adults, big children, children, preschool children and children. Interested players may wish to pay more!

Nike Shoes for Men

Nike Shoes for Men

Nike Shoes for Men

IR Jordan 11 Retro

Offering Date: December 14, 2019 [123 : $ 220

Color: Black / Red Red White Style

Curia: Style Code: 378037-061 (

NIKE P-6000 Shoes


Style code: 378038-061 (big child)

Style code: 378039-061 (small child)

Style code: 378040-061 (child) [ 123]

CI6165-061 (baby)

AIR Jordan 11 retro physical appreciation

Air Jor

Nike Baby Shoes

DAN 11 Reetro\’s December has broken the sales record annually, and has become the most important shoe issuance in Jordan Brand\’s four seasons.

That is, for the upcoming famous \\\”Bred\\\” Jordan 11s, the upcoming price is set high.

Because this 1996 original color matching program is listed in adults, big children, children, preschool children and young children on December 14.

Although every OG color color of the patent shoes has its own self-esteem, many people think that Jordan 11 \\\”Bred\\\” is a luxury and exercise peak model.

Because Jordan has been riding this color along an incredible 72-10 season and subsequent NBA.

Air Jordan 11 \\\”BRED\\\” where the parent-child shoes buy

The United States will be released on December 14, 2019, AIR Jordan 11 \\\”Bred\\\” parent-child shoes, domestic There is currently no specific delivery time. Like friends can consider from the seaPutting in hand, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!