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Anta KT4 sweeping shoes for sale Anta KT4 鸳 shoes real I

Anta KT4 has recently been a fire-fighting shoes, I have long exposed to KT4 shoes, until now, is there still been selling in the KT4 shoes for sale? Let\’s go to understand.

When is Anta KT4 shoes for sale


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KT4 camouflage shoes is about to be released, the delivery time is 10 am on October 27 Each person is limited to a pair, and a limited edition shoe box is a pair. Fatko dolls, says that this netizen said: Anta is still can\’t afford it …

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Anta KT4 鸳 shoes real appreciation

Don\’t look carefully, I really can\’t see the ball shoes

Anta KT4 The color of the shoes is called the color, but the color is mixed with a monotonous, a bit like the pattern of zebras

The color is very large, the shoes tongue adopts the socks of the socks

Anta KT4 cost-effective

Anta brand established an original intention to make a good shoes wearing ordinary people, price positioning is a low-end population, selling price is naturally a pro Many, I still remember the star signature shoes that I have been in Ant, sold 399 yuan of the people Price

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, then many small friends on the court wore Garnett (Anta) Boots, because it is really cheap.

The 899 yuan is not expensive for international big basketball shoes. It is also acceptable for Li Ning basketball shoes. The impression of work ordinary, mediocre, and brand image, now designed, just came to raise prices, it seems that Anta will also give up the \\\”poor market\\\”.