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Nike Air Max 270 joint VIRGIL ABLOH version good-looking Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Max 270 is released

Recently Nike\’s most popular series is Air Max 270, which has been exposed to a lot of color colors, so that everyone is very like. Today, I also passed the joint name of Air Max 270 and Virgil Abloh. Version, this makes us more expectation, this Virgil Abloh X Nike Air Max 270 is detailed

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Nike Air MAX 270 joint VIRGIL ABLOH version is better

It seems that it seems to be very nice look

Pure white design style plus 270 series

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is very handsome

The joint name with Virgil Abloh is to make the shoes more feel

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Side of the shoes is printed with some details

Interested friends can see

Virgil Abloh X Nike Air Max 270 When Offer

[123 The delivery information of this shoe has not been announced yet

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NIKE Air Max 270\’s foot feeling

AIR The MAX 270\’s foot feel is a special nice

The reason is that the AIR MAX 270 will reach the post-heel

so long, and it is conceivable to know the shocking effect of the shoes and Comfort is very good