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Grab your eyes and hit color!Invitation game color KYRIE 6 PE first exposure!

Yesterday, the 2nd Annual Invitational Tournament held by Kyrie IRVing was held in Barclays Center as scheduled.In this invitation, Nike also exposed a special 鸳R

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IE 6 \\u0026 ldquo; Invitational \\u0026 Rdquo; PE color.This pair of shoes uses the Christmas color, one foot red and green, and the color embroidery SWOSH logo presents high-alignment contrast

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.The eye decoration of Huturbs created with embroidery material is on the side of the shoes, mysterious and advanced, with great visual tension.In addition, the shoes of the two feet also have invitation (Invitational Tournament) with color kyrie logo; followed by the hand of the Fa Tima, bright yellow with high saturation and dark purple, detail designThe same is exquisite.It is reported that this pair of shoes will debut in 2020. Can you sell domestic markets?Interested partners

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