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\\\”Small fresh\\\” couple models AJ3 offer information AJ3 \\\”Air Trainer 1\\\” physical details appreciation

AJ is very hot this year, but its

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The new product of AJ3 is not much, basically belongs to a relatively quiet state. However, a very small fresh AJ3 in recent days is really bright! And men and women have, very suitable for couples. Let\’s take a look at this \\\”Xiaofu New\\\” couple AJ3 release information with Xiaobian, and enjoy the physical details of this AJ3 \\\”Air Trainer 1\\\”!

\\\”Small Qingxin\\\” couple model AJ3 release information

This Air Jordan 3 \\\”Air Trainer 1\\\” has been launched, the volume is also very sufficient, male sale

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The price is ¥ 1399 RMB, female models are ¥ 999 RMB.

At present, the official website still has in stock.

Interested friends can start as soon as possible, very small and fresh green, in the entire AJ series, still very characterful.


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3 \\\”AIR Trainer 1\\\” real detail appreciation

This AJ3 colorful inspiration comes from the early Tinker design classic training Shoe Nike Air Trainer 1.

Black burst pattern with gray-color colored upper unique, lace buckle and the shoe body Jumpman logo all adopted a tender green embellishment.

This color color is not only extremely rare in AJ color, but the entire visual effect is also a unprecedented refreshing manifestation, and it is also very small and fresh, especially suitable for couples.

\\\”Small Qingxin\\\” couple models AJ3 worth starting?

Xiaobian personal feeling, tell the truth, if it is the appreciation of the shoe, there is no necessity, no Many significance, it is not a high appreciation space in this short-term new color color.

But the original intention of this AJ3 design is to go to the new route. As a couple\’s pressure road style, the biggest meaning of the shoes itself is self-use, if appropriate, can be original enough to enter a couple AJ shoes and why not ?

361 carbon board running shoes spy photos exposure 361 running shoes how

The domestic running shoes currently develops a lot, not only Li Ning, Anta, Peak, Hongxing, has launched a new running shoes, recently 361 carbon bolts running shoes spy photos are also exposed to the network. So what about the new carbon bolts running in 361

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? Let\’s take you a look at you!

361 Carbon Board running shoes spy photos exposure

Recently opened a new carbon bolt running shoes, this new sports shoes are mainly orange and black Nike Shoes Air Max 720

Patients, and the upper foot effect is also very good. At present, this new color has not yet released the specific release information. The friends who like the friends may wish to pay more attention, and Xiaobian will continue to pay attention to everyone

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More consultation!

361 how to run shoes

361 running shoes is quite good, not only look good, but the quality and running performance is quite good, the focus is that he is not expensive, ordinary The citizens can bear. The words running shoes are very light, very comfortable. When we are more and more Chinese manufacturing and high quality, we have long, we should abandon the \\\”colored glasses\\\” wearing the past to see domestic sports brand products, 361 ° international line for many years. Professional running shoes may be the most suitable for Chinese people!

361 How many kilometers can be running in running shoes

361 running shoes can usually run 400 to 800 kilometers, or very good in domestic shoes rankings, quality and Li Ning How much difference. 361 shoes are very comfortable, 361 shoes are better in the famous national brand, the price is reasonable, it is better in China\’s sports brand, large, reliable.