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Ou Wen 4 London color spy photos appreciation KYRIE 4 LONDON PE will be released?

KYRIE 4 LONDON PE is mainly because Owen goes with the Celtics to play in London, England

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A overseas regular season. At that time, there were this pair of KYRIE 4 London PE, This shoe, I will welcome the eyes of countless small partners. When you ask this shoe, when you can sell, Q6U Net small advice, we will come together to enjoy the appreciation

Ou Wen 4 London color color Spy photos appreciation

Let\’s take a look at the official spy photos

The overall color scheme is built by blue yellow tone, supplemented by red dotted details

The arrow-shaped topped outsolate, bring excellent grip and stability performance, the battle is very rich

Sole pattern is still familiar, but color Changed to the yellow white phase

Take a look at the effect on the foot of the Owen

The large bottom is very bright.

What is the value is still quite good?

Owen wears it to go to it,

KYRIE 4 London PE

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This color color is only for Owen himself exclusive PE, there is no relevant release details, we will continue to pay attention, Please pay attention to the follow-up report of our interesting network

KYRIE 4, how is it?

In the foot of the foot of Owen, my impression is that Hyperrev 2014, it The bottom is the whole palm zoom, which is relatively detained, and is not suitable for the Owen himself. After another, there is an Ou Wen 1. The short help of Owen 1 provides flexibility in Owen. The support of the upper is compared to the Hyperrev 2014, only a lot of Mahjong Zoom, which is only the first palm of the middle. The earthquake is insufficient. From the other hand, the middle is sacrificed to improve the launch of the shoes.

The upper canal, the upper foot can also feel the fitness brought by \\\”Wolf Teeth\\\”, the inner boots are soft and comfortable, while the mouth is relatively loose, the heels and ankles do not Too many wrapped. Even if the fill of the shoe is very thick, during the running ball running process, the shoe will have loose feelings. It is not good to fit the ankle. From another perspective, the shoe mouth and the shoes help have a big flexible feet. Sex

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, various fancy coastal ankles like Owen are very flexible.

Zoom feedback from the middle of the midst of the midst of the midst of the midst of the midst of the midst of the mid-bottom is still good, the prefers of the predecessor is a part I like, will not pass soft but full of feedback, during the startup, the front palm will still have draggingFeeling.

In the gas permeability, Owen 4 should be inferior, thick filling and secret fabric upper and shoe inner boots design, so that the breathable of the shoes is really not good, but suitable in winter.

The overall effect is still a good effect of European 4