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LBJ18 small flower color matching LBJ18 small flower color matching code code code

The color of the LBJ18 series of shoes has always been very resistant. Recently, a new small flower color exposure, this coloring color and past high-profile style are different, the new color color of this launch is made of small flowers. . It seems that there seems to have more imperial temperament, let\’s take a look!

LBJ18 small flower color release

From exposure

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, it can be seen, this new color shoe is the whole with turquoise and Wine red is the main

Nike Shoes Youth

, such a contrast design looks very bright eye-catching! In addition, the small flower color soles use the bright orange decoction, the upper SWOSH logo, and the upper is printed with a unique floral pattern, highlighting the unique design style. It is reported that this new color price is $ 130, and the friends who like it may wish to pay more!


Kyrie 6 Nike Shoes

Lebron 18 Low GS \\u0026 quot; Floral \\u0026 quot;

Item No .: DN4177-400

Offering Date: July 2021 [ 123]

LBJ18 small flower color matching code

lbj18 is not biased, like small friends can start with your usual size . But if your foot type is wider or the back is high, Xiaobian recommends that you can choose a big size, so you don\’t have to worry. If you have any conditions, you can also try on the physical store, so you don\’t have to worry about buying the wrong size.

LBJ18 small flower color matching is worth starting?

The value is not worth starting to see everyone, I don\’t like it, I don\’t like it, the so-called thousands of people, suitable for my own shoes. Is the best! The design of this shoe is quite good, but there is a saying, James\’s shoes are generally suitable for general players, because the air cushions are difficult to step on, and the focus may be higher, which may not be very suitable for small parties.

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