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#SW This week’s Ball Shoes Information Review 16.1.18

I retrieved the time when I was a big event last week, I took a look at the past week nike blazer mid 77 vintage, what happened to the important event worthy of our attention! △ Jordan BRAND Sterling Series China Release Information Failure Yuān Series will be officially released on January 23, the series of Air Jordan 5 Low has been exposed, but this supporting costumes have attracted everyone’s gaze. , Bring a good upper body effect, worth starting! △ Air Jordan 12 \u0026 ldquo; GYM Red \u0026 rdquo; July officially released views Cherry color AIR JORDAN 12 will not return this year, in order to replace the red white color of McChabi PE, which is also the vitality of the vitality, Still worth looking forward! Air Jordan 12 will take a lot of money this year, the twelve generation of fans ready for wallet nike shoes girls! △ Platinum low help Air Jordan 11 low \u0026 ldquo; White / Gold \u0026 rdquo; This summer is released every summer is the day of Air Jordan 11 low, this year, this year’s rumors will be bright, as a 2016 Olympic year. △ Witness history: AIR Jordan XXX before the ranking of the 30th generation officially unveiled, and starting from 1985 Air Jordan 1, what is the ranking of the first 29 generations, of course everyone has their own nike zoomx invincible run flyknit. △ Air Jordan 4 premium \u0026 ldquo; Navy Blue \u0026 Rdquo; Navy Blue Shore Exposure This year Air Jordan 4 will completely share the equal sign with luxury goods, bringing a variety of premium super luxury. In addition to the previously exposed black leather full shoe, now there is now a naval blue new color that is the same total skin, and the price will naturally be very beautiful! △ Air Jordan 3 \u0026 ldquo; Infrared 23 \u0026 Rdquo; This Saturday, China is once again sold in China to ushered in a rare official replenishment, and the protagonist is an AIR Jordan 3 that has already been announced. In addition to the classic dresses from the white cement, this Infrared 23 is also a lot of puzzling of star big coffee. △ Nike officially released the 2016 BHM black moonlight full range of January 18 officially released overseas, this year’s BHM black moon series is still exquisite, when China is login, we will continue to pay attention. △ Black and White Color Kobe 11 \u0026 ldquo; Black / White \u0026 Rdquo; Real Maps Continue to bring new color matching, simple black and white presentation brings a different visual experience. △ 30 generationDebut! Air Jordan XXX is officially released! The 30th generation of Air Jordan XXX is officially released, and it will be officially sold in February. This confidential work vulnerability is quite exposed, and everyone is constantly exposed to the appearance and technology equipments, but still cannot block AIR Jordan XXX has become the most practical high-tech basketball shoes. △ Air Jordan 11 \u0026 ldquo; chinese new year set The remade and 400ml clothing bring this joint customization, the red Chinese style is difficult to resist, and the limited 30 pairs, the offer price approximated $ 1,000 also let this Customized boutique has become an unconnected luxury goods. △ Shardan XXX, AIR Jordan XXX, is brought to the Air Jordan XXX field. It is slightly different from the commercially available version, and the black Jumpman Logo, which highlights the special identity of Wei Shao PE. △ [Video] Focusing with Tinker Hatfield, Air Jordan XXX is in the face of the continuous external question, Tinker Hatfield is very frank, and also directly responding to everyone in the box video, telling him to look for XXX Why is the so familiar view. △ Air Jordan 5 low \u0026 ldquo; Alternate \u0026 Rsquo; 90 \u0026 rdquo; Jamei is bull BRED black and red, the low-top foot type Air Jordan 5 LOW brought familiar dress, and more defective and low-top shoes are also quite Newiness. △ Air Jordan 12 GS Valentine’s Day Color Offers This year’s Valentine’s Day color is abnormal, although there is no new meaning in white and pink match, this wild presented method brings a vitality in Air Jordan 12 Sweet coexistence of new color. △ Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 Renewal Edition The first boots after joining NIKE ushered in again, ZOOM Huarache 2K4 has already launched the United States, and the starting color is close to the ASG all-star color, I believe there will be More exciting color patron, worth paying attention!