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Clauses and transparent air mats!Shanghai limited AIR MAX 97 take the lead

NIKE is known as the Planning of Air Max Day (March 26), especially in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul; On Air \u0026 LDQUO; Among them, Nike Air Max 97 Sh Kaleidoscope is designed from Ruqiu Stone from Shanghai. Around \u0026 ldquo shoes nike; Shanghai’s speed \u0026 rdquo; the theme is expanded, with the concept of \u0026 ldquo; kaleidoscope \u0026 rdquo; the impression of the cloud floating in the Shanghai Lujiazi sky, plus water changing. User designed by concept transformation, Ru Qiiquan puts a layer of light blue transparent wings, from the middle of the middle to the lace nike shoes gold, like the clouds. After the tongue, the tongue is equally laminated with a plurality of white transparent straps, the shape is like a watercolor. The laminated design reflects above the suede, the shoe body is gradually changed from the sky to transparency nike high tops women, and there are few bright red Swoosh logo. A transparent air cushion, with a semi-transparent outsole, is very clean. It is reported that the shoe will be sold during this year, and there is no specific offer information for the time being. Friends can continue to pay attention to our information, we will bring follow-up tracking reports in the first time. Pic Via: HypeBeast