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AJ36 spy photos exposure AJ36 is when

AJ35 is going to last for nearly a year, and look at the time. AJ36 should be exposed! Recently, online suspected exposure AJ36, what is the new generation AJ? When is it for sale? Let\’s take you a look at you!

AJ36 spy photos exposure

Previously opened a suspected AJ36 color color, from the current exposure color, this new color shoe body is green Mainly, the shoe body is used in black and red, and the whole color of the shoe is very refreshing. However, there is also a matter of view, the shoes of the East Chicchi seem to be React elevation color, suspected is PE color.

So successfully, AJ36 is officially exposed! From the currently exposed picture, the AJ36 shoe body is mainly purple, and the bright orange is used. The midsole still uses a hollow design, which is reserved.

In addition, from the current exposure spy photos, AJ36 uses high-top design, but the overall color match seems to be a bit ugly? What do you think?

When is AJ36

Currently AJ36 specific

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The delivery information has not been exposed, but from everyone\’s attention, the shoes are fascinated They are quite expected to the AJ36. According to the AJ35 footwear design, the previous enthusiastic netizen helps \\\”design\\\” AJ36

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shoes, design is still very concerned!

This A36 in the netizen should be

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from the hollow design from the middle of the AJ35, this generation of shoes in the middle of the bottom More, the upper is mainly black and white color, which is not coming to the autonomous thinking of O\’Neill\’s annual wheel boots.

If the previous design is quite a reference, the destruction behind is quite innovative and taste, this is the netizen who is a JJ37, don\’t say, take a hollow design photo Not there is no possibility.

Then the AJ38 will look like this! Have to say, netizens are quite a good time, very interesting! What is the AJ36 in your mind? Welcome to the discussion below ~

AJ36 is worth starting?

The value is not worth watching everyone, AJ36 is not yet available, everyone may wish to wait patiently Decide again. But looking at AJ35, thisThe feet on the foot of the ball is still very good, and the actual performance is also true.However, AJ35 has some set of stories to bounce with the part to bring your Achilles, which is not conducive to transverse movement or phase-in action.I hope that AJ36 can be improved!

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