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Curry 7 Pi DA Offer Information Curry 7 and Pg4 which is good

Remember that Curry 5 \\\”π day\\\” coloring shoes, immediately go to March 14, which is the birthday of Curry, this day there is a special name, called \\\”π day\\\” is also \\\”Pi Day\\\”, Andema sold this double library 7 pi Da color shoes, let\’s take a look.

Curi 7 Pi DA delivery information

This pair of shoes are blue in blueprint, transform the body of the body as a sock set design, a pedal structure Several high street style textures.

The simple structure of black and white is very close to the meticulous mathematics festival of \\\”π day\\\”.

It is reported that this pair will be available on March 14th, priced at $ 140, and interested small partners can search for Haitao search.

UA Curry 7 \\\”Pi Day\\\” PE

Offers: March 14

Offers: $ 140

Kuri 7 and PG4 which Good

The first thing to introduce is the PG4 generation. This model says that most of the small partners feel like a running shoes, the value gives the human feeling, and the upper mesh material attached zipper System, inner hidden lace design, the inside of the shoe uses large area of \\u200b\\u200blarge mesh design, a breathable performance, but it is a bit cheap, the middle and bottom, it is said to use the AIR Sole air cushion of the full hand, except Other than SOLE, the ultra-thick mid-bottom eye test will be very soft

Let\’s see the 7th generation of the lower library, the 6th generation of the library used HOVR cushioning materials for the first time, it is the 6th generation of the library Finally got rid of the 1-5 generation board brick, to the CURRY 7 generation equipped with double slowing technology, the appearance of the value is OK, it is a bit like the library bark shoes three generations, Zero 3 generation, the 7th generation of the library is high The footwear, the sound of the sports car, the center is surrounded by a circle of TPU design, and it is also a beautiful embellishment under the premise of function. It uses conventional materials and patches, grasping the land and 6 generations of 6 generations.

Which two pairs of shoes are good? Everyone choices according to their needs.

Curi 7 men\’s models and big children are what is

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The men\’s size range is larger, minimum

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Size is 40 yards, the maximum is 46 yards. As for the big children\’s models, the size is 39 yards, there is no big size. So distinguish between size

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