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Ou Wen 6 Chinese Year Color Spy photos Ou Wen 6 CNY When is it for sale?

The first few days, Xiaobian shared the spy photos of AF1 China\’s year\’s shoes, recently burst a group of shoes about Ou Wen 6 China, and immediately ended in November, new It\’s also coming for a year, then this pair of Owen 6 Chinese year color matching? Have you seen it? Let\’s take a look.

Ou Wen 6 Chinese year color spy photos

Let\’s first

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to enjoy this pair of parallel design, the design of the upper, the design is still very China The wind, Swoosh\’s part There is also an embroidery design, and the part of the magic stickers has similar ingots pattern pattern

The whole color design is also very good, black is mainly Blue, green, and purple, make the whole shoes look still still good, Ha

The details of the shoes tongue, let\’s take a look, there is still a show

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Ou Wen 6 CNY

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About this Double Owen 6 CNY\’s sale of information is not announced, and Xiaobian is expected to guess will be sold at the end of 19 years. If you like, you can pay more attention to it.

For Owen 6 shoes, whether it is configured or designed, I really like Owen 6, especially Ou Wen 5 For me, I think the color value is more than his performance. .

Owen series China Annual color shoe appreciation

Ou Wen 5 China year, Xiaobian saw the first eye, I feel that this is not coloring with the starry sky, if it is the same, it is the shoes followed by the lace The pattern is changed

Ou Wen 4 China Year, Sole Body is rendered, Nike Swoosh embroidered floral pattern, shoes tongue,

history of nike shoes [123 ] Insole, etc.